Planning update and frustrating cost advice?

Hi ladies...FI and I have been working on lots of wedding things since we are in Maine for the holidays and I thought I would update since it has been awhile that I have written on the board. We recently booked our cupcake baker and decided to do a dessert table with mini desserts which I am really excited about...extra bonus that the lady sets it up for us, I could have kissed her when she told us that since it's another thing I don't need to worry about day of! We also saw our wedding bands for the first time which was exciting! now for the frustrating part...ceremony chairs. Is anyone else getting married outside and paying for chair rentals? This is such a silly additional cost to me and we had chairs from a local church that were perfect until their bean supper was scheduled for the same day so we can't use them. any helpful hints or suggestions??

Re: Planning update and frustrating cost advice?

  • We're doing garden style chairs and I think they are around $3.50 a piece. I agree, it's a crazy expense for something you're going to use for 20 minutes max. How many people are you having? I've been to some weddings where the ceremony is shorter, people just stand around the bride and groom in a semi circle (This works better if you don't have a big wedding party I think). You could get just a couple of chairs or benches for people who really need to sit down.
  • Personally, I believe in a chair for every guest at your ceremony.  You have no idea who might actually need to sit down due to a physical problem that you may be unaware of.  Even a younger person could have a bad knee or back but to others, they might look selfish if they are taking a seat from an older guest.  I'm also short, so I wouldn't be able to see unless I was right up front.  Even if you're planning on havin a shorter ceremony, people usually start showing up 30 minutes or so before the ceremony starts, which could leave them standing for 45 minutes. 

    Chairs were a nightmare for us.  We had 3 plans fall through and found ourselves needing to find chairs two weeks before the wedding.  If you want nicer chairs, then you'll have to probably deal with paying.  If you're okay with regular folding chairs, try contacting the schools in the area where you are getting married.  Most alumni associations have chairs to rent out (my district rents them for $0.50 each).  Some florists also rent them for less than rental companies.  We ended up using the chairs from Harmon and Barton's in Portland.  They even have someone who delivers.

    Check with other local churches too.  Unless you're getting married in an area with only the one that is having the dinner that night.

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  • I'm getting married outside and having chairs for the guests is important to me as well. It sucks that they charge so much, but I wouldn't want my guests to just stand around. How about looking into long benches, which can sit more people? Also check craigslist. You never know what you can find. With or without chairs, your wedding will be lovely so it's really up to you if you want to spend the extra money or not. The only problem for me is that I'm not sure my ceremony venue will allow it :(

    HCorrigan, I'm also having my ceremony at Fort Williams. I read somewhere that they don't allow chairs on the the park unless you rent a shelter. Do you know if this is true? I can't find information on this and this was a dilemma for me as I really prefer chairs at my ceremony. Thanks in advance!

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