help with favor label please!

i am giving out homemade jam at my wedding - the jars aren't too big but still bigger than the ones you get a hotel.

it has been a thing in my family to make raspberry jam from the raspberries in my parent's garden and give it out to family and friends. so most people at the wedding will understand the story behind the favors. but half (from the groom's side) won't.

what do i put on the label that will be stuck to the top? I need a short catchy phrase or note. should i say thank you for attend? enjoy a homemade treat? should i say from me and my fi and/or include the date of the wedding.

should i put a sign on the table explainging the story behind the jam or just forget about it and let them find out by word of mouth.

thanks for any advice!

Re: help with favor label please!

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