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Rehearsal Dinner Spots in VB??

I'm getting married Nov 13, 2010. I can't think of any rehearsal dinner spots in VB. FI and I are paying for it ourselves so I don't want something that has a minimum amount we have to spend. Right now we're considering Waterman's at the oceanfront. I love it there but the only problem is that our rehearsal dinner will be on a Friday around 7 or 8 at night. Waterman's is a bar/restaurant and I think that around that time on a Friday is when people will start piling into the place. The room that we would be in is semi-private so they don't seat anyone in there but the only thing that separates it from the rest of the place is that it is raised a little. I just don't know how the noise level will be. Any ideas on whether this is will be a good place to have it despite what i've mentioned or ideas for a different place for us???
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Re: Rehearsal Dinner Spots in VB??

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    Hi there.. I have just gone through looking at Rehearsal Dinner spots.. And here is what I found.. I was looking around the Shore Drive area though.. But here goes:

    Bubba's Seafood Restaurant -- They have a small semi-private room available, no fee to use the room and no minimum amount.  You choose 3 or 4 things to go on the menu.  Its a casual environment and the food was pretty good.. The managers were very nice and very helpful.  I was quoted for 25 people with the cost being about $600.

    Hot Tuna -- They have a private room with private bathrooms and your own bar and waitstaff.. Food was good, but when we went there were four of us eating and two of us had very salty food.. The cost was about the same.

    We went with The Virginia Beach Resort Hotel, They have a very nice and big room on the top floor with gorgeous views and EXCELLENT food  There is a room rental rate of $300, but they gave it to us for $200 so that it would fit in our budget.  You pick 3 items and they will make a nice menu for you.  Very nice!

    Hope this helps!

    As for Waterman's.. I think the noise level would be fine.  Since your wedding is in November, there will probably be less action so less noise :)
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    Thank you! I didn't even think about the Virginia Beach Resort Hotel. I'll look into it!

    and I was thinking the same thing about Watermans in November.


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    Let me know how you like the VB Resort.  I fell in love with it!  Its kind of like two rooms in one.. One side has an "executive" type u-shaped table.  That side of the room we are using as the "casino" room.. The other side has seating for about 30-45 people and has two balconies.. Love it!! 
    Not to mention the girl that coordinates everything is super nice and helpful!

    Good luck!

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    Almost all of the Japanesse Steakhouses around here have private party rooms. We're getting married May 22,2010 and love Japaneese food so we're having ours at Chiba. They have been so great to work with!
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    We looked at the following at both Rockafeller's in VB and the Lesner Inn. We ultimately went with McCormick & Schmick's in VB Town Center.
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    Fishbones on the Oceanfront has a private room upstairs, I think.
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