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Topic of the Day: People really need to stop..

What's one thing you wish people would really stop doing or saying?

Re: Topic of the Day: People really need to stop..

  • 1. Are you Russian? (no I am Polish - there are over 5 countries that speak a slavic language and we all sound similar in English, not all of us are Russians)
    2. How is wedding planning? Dude, I have 8 months, do you really care?
    3. Anything that has to do with un-asked-for criticism or opinion.. I hate the haters
    4. So you're getting married for greencard? The fact that I am here on a visa does not mean I am spending $30K on the wedding that 75% of guests will be strangers, to get a green card... there are cheaper methods.

  • 1.  Because I'm having my wedding at a haunted lunatic asylum thinking that it's a costume party in March.  If I wanted a costume party I would've had it at a haunted lunatic asylum on Halloween.

    2.  People that aren't invited asking for an invitation.  Especially DISTANT family or family we haven't seen in 10+ years.  I love how they ask OTHER family and they still aren't asking us.  If you wanted to see me so badly why haven't I seen you in 10 years and why don't you pick up a phone and call me????

    3.  Being stupid.  And that just doesn't apply to wedding planning.

  • Looking at me out of the side of their eyes when they hear I'm wearing a black gown or some other detail about my wedding that causes the eyebrows to knit up into their hairlines. Seriously people! It's not like we're sacrificing a goat!
  • 1.  When I was planning and the weather forecast for the day of the wedding said 100% chance of rain, MIL kept INSISTING to me that it wasn't going to rain.  I snapped and told her it was!!  Please stop!  It was driving me mad.  She said it at least 10 times in one hour.. 
    2.  Same MIL (lol), keeps wanting to know when we are going to buy a house.  The plan is to buy a house, try to start having kids.  She keeps saying I have the baby shower all planned.  Well for starters, it's not like we are going to buy a house and right away start.  Second how the heck do we know we can ever HAVE kids.  Just shut up about it, and when we are ready we will try.  We are not going by your calendar.

    end scene--lol
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  • Ok, you guys crack me up! Those do sound like really annoying things though!!! 

    *e_jakiela - "Are you getting married for a greencard"!!!! Um, that's just freakin' rude! Sorry you have to hear that! 

    *hollie - I hear ya! I am glad that my family lives on the east coast and I'm getting married on the west coast or I would have all kinds of nuts coming out to the woodwork!

    *nycegrrl - I LOVE black wedding gowns!!! I didn't want to wear one, but my FH said that he wouldn't mind. He actually picked a couple for me, but I decided to go with the one I have. Although, I did just realize that one of my favorite Maggie Sottero's comes in black. I think it's the "Victoria", not positive if that's the name though. You are going to be stunning in a black gown!

    *tmm - My ex almost MIL was a total spaz b*tch!!! I'm sorry you have to deal with her!!! Her voice still haunts me sometimes....

    So far the only thing I hear is "Oh, so are you having a Christmas wedding?" because I'm out shopping for wedding stuff at Christmas time. It's not that bad, but I have heard it 10-20 times already. Just because I like red and silver doesn't mean I'm having a Christmas wedding. Just because I grew up in Maine doesn't mean I like the cold of winter/Christmas time. I HATE the cold. I plan on playing outside with the little one and then running back inside for hot chocolate. NOT running around in my $1000 wedding gown in the freezing cold! That's why I have always wanted a July wedding. BRRRRRRRRR. I could not have a Christmas wedding.
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  • 1. Freaking out about Swine Flu. Seriously I work in health care and it's the only thing people can talk about.
    2. Driving their SUV's like it's the middle of August instead of the middle of December. In the last week we've gotten over 2 feet of snow and for some reason people in this province still think it's ok to drive like idiots IF you have 4 wheel drive.

    I'm sure there's more....
  • Witchys, what line of health care are you in?  I work in the office for a home health care agency, and I'm pretty sick of hearing about the swine flu, too.

    People really to stop taking their cars "out for a walk" when I'm commuting to work.  Seriously, the left lane is for passing (or speeding).  And if you feel the need to drive below the speed limit, in perfect driving conditions, you need to get in the correct lane or go drive off a bridge, but get the frick out of my way.

    People really need to stop asking when DH and I are going to have kids.  Somewhere between indefinitely and never- deal with it. 
  • *witchys - Those shoes are so HOT!
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  • Dude, my biggest complaint right now is peole telling me how to save money or spend money. Yes, I'm unemployed. Yes, I got laid off. Yes, I'm getting unemployment. But I don't see that as being a reason to tell me how to spend/save my money. I am a big girl. I can do that. I have lived worse off than I am living right now, I don't need your input on saving or spending thankyouvery much.

    My one friend keeps telling me over & over how to do that. STFU already!

  • Arrgh, the Knot God's hate me!!!

    I love those shoes but they are WAYYYY out of any budget i'll ever have.

    I am a unit secretary on the cardiac unit in our hospital. It's not a bad job but it's frustrating right now.
  • People keep telling us "well, it's about time!!" DUDE,we have been dating for 6 years, yes, but you have to remember that has been since we were 17 and in high school!!! We are ready NOW not THEN. Thank you very much! LOL But, it IS nice to finally say we are engaged and not boyfriend/girlfriend!

    Also...we are not having a traditional wedding, it is going to be victorian/gothic-inspired...and people are constantly hounding us about "traditional" wedding stuff (it's a surprise! and so I have to politely sit there and nod my head)

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