Updated Bio and I bought my shoes!

I updated my bio if anyone is interested in checking it out.  I also bought my shoes today at Hot Topic (of all places)  they were 50% off and I got them for $20.00.

Re: Updated Bio and I bought my shoes!

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    Just checked out your bio and LOVE the hair pieces you made for your girls.  Where did you find the feathers and rhinestone piece?  Also, I had to laugh at the photobooth.  I want to do something similar and my FI thinks I'm crazy!  I found a really big gold frame (well my sister did) for $7 at flea market so I think I might just make (a.k.a. beg my FI to make) a wall with just one frame as 3 or 4 people could easily fit behind it and then I can always place a chair in front of it too.   When in Sept is your wedding?  I am labor day weekend.
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    I got the feathers and buttons at JoAnn Fabrics!  They are my favorite DIY project so far.

    I love the photoboth idea too! I have actually decided to just do a backdrop and I am making my own props (lips, mustaches, etc.) I bought a boa and a top hat for it too!
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