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welcome bags

As far as welcome bags for teh guests when they arrive are you having a wedding planner make them so you dont have to ship them ? trying to figure out wihich is the best option.

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  • I will be making them and bringing them with me, but we are driving to our location (that's a good long road trip lol)
  • I'm bringing some stuff with me, but will also ship some stuff ahead of time to the resort (the less important stuff in case it doesn't make it). I think we'll also buy some stuff on the island. 
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  • are you bring your bags? has anyone ordered them?
  • My FMIL actually got our bags for free! A woman that she works with gave them to her. They are really nice tote bags that are light brown/dark brown. Otherwise we were going to make them. We are just going to pack them in the bottom of the suitcase since they lay flat.
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  • We have already bought our welcome bags and we ordered them off of the knot shopping site when they were on sale. We got canvas tote bags which are monogramed with each guests initias in bright pink and light blue as they are our colors. (pink for the girls and blue for the guys). We are shipping some things out to our wedding planner and bringing some things with us. We will make the bags ourselves once we arrive to the island and we are going ahead of our guests. Also, we will be going to the island this April at which time we will purchase some items from the island and give them to our planner when down there to hold. That way we will not have to ship them. Hope that helps.

    By the way, we were very pleased with the welcome bags that we have purchased off of the The Knot.
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    I'm making mine when we get there, but I will have them already sorted out in plastic bags as best as I can so I'll only have to buy the last odds and ends and dump them in the real bags.  I've also started a suitcase of stuff that I'm taking with me, welcome bags, welcome bag items, silk flowers for centerpieces, etc.  Look into how much it will be to ship it in a box via FedEx, UPS, etc., vs. packing an extra suitcase and paying the baggage fee.  I'm getting a lot of stuff there, I've found the closet Costos and have a list of all the things I'll need.  I also found a SUPER website for individual sized stuff:

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    [QUOTE]I'm binging some stuff with me and get the other stuff on the island. 
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    Yes, me too...
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    I am bringing all my stuff with me for mine.  I would also warn you to make sure and check to see if your resort will accept packages for you so you can ship stuff down ahead of time... Mine doesn't sadly.  O and these are the bags I am doing.  I haven't ordered them yet because I am waiting for a more set number of guests.

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  • I'm making mine and taking them down with me. We are driving down so I don't have to worry about shipping.
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  • We brought everything with us in our luggage since having one extra bag was $30, but shipping a four-pound box through UPS or FedEx was more than $100.  We just took an hour to get everything together as soon as we got there, and then we handed them off to our wedding coordinator, who made sure they were delivered to everyone's rooms.
  • I would definitely agree that you should check with the hotel. That was a question that I asked our coordinator there and she said she wouldn't recommend shipping anything because the mail isn't that great. And that was a good point about cost that saric made. 

    Are you all planning on giving a welcome bag to each individual in the room, or doing one per room? What kinds of things are you putting into them?
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