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One last(?) question..

Eight days out!! 
Alright, so the majority of my wedding guests are coming in from oot.  I have 4 Aunts my mom and my MOH who will be helping me all next week plus my pastor is my uncle, and my other uncle is doing all the cooking.  All but 2 of these people are coming in from oot, starting on Sunday.  The ladies have a busy week, we are doing facials, massages, a baby shower for MOH, nails etc.  I will also have to work 3 of these days.  Today my mom and I were talking and I jokingly said I was going to make everyone a schedule so they could keep up.  She said how that was a great idea.  I agreed then but now that I have been left alone to think about it, I am starting to think it may come off as bitchy.  Any input?
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Re: One last(?) question..

  • I don't think it would come off as bitchy so long as you don't make it "and then you have to do this, and then you have to do this...".  Just list all of the group events they need to keep track of (like appointment times at the salons, when the baby shower is, when the massages are) - I know if I were going to be that busy, I would appreciate someone handing me a schedule (could someone do this for every day of my life, please?)!
  • I think a calendar of events type thing would be really helpful. I agree with PP that as long as it's not a list of things people have to do but rather a list of things going on that week you'll be fine.
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