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If you had to have one of these weather woes on your wedding day, which would you choose?

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    My wedding is August 27, so I'm pretty much prepared for 95 degrees :)
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    Well, I wouldn't mind snow, although it's not exactly likely at the end of June, lol. But I can't stand the rain, and I loathe heat and humidity more than anything, so wind it is for me.
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    I hate the wind and rain. Nothing messes your hair up more. I'll take snow any day...
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    I would hate it is it were too hot, which is a valid concern because my wedding is July 17. My ceremony and reception are indoors, but we really want to take pictures outside!
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    I think 95 degree weather in December would be awesome! No one would have to worry about travel :) Lots of OOT guests and family are expected to attend.
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    I chose 40 mph winds because it's Kansas and 40 mph isn't a big deal really. Also, our entire day will be spent indoors and I don't think we will have time for outdoor photos. September 10 could still be hot or very cool, so we are prepared for just about every weather possibility.
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