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Saint Benedict/Fontana

Has anyone had their ceremony at Saint Benedict Catholic Church in Fontana or been in a wedding there? I'm curious if the church has a "coordinator" or someone who supervises the rehearsal and the ceremony as far as processional and rescessional and goes over church guidelines, etc. Thank you!!
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Re: Saint Benedict/Fontana

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    Catholic Churches in southeast WI follow the guidelines for the sacrement of Marriage as set forth by the Archdiocese of Milwaukee, so if you are from TX as it looks to be listed, you should contact the church for how to go about your marriage prep (meetings with the priest, the FOCCUS, the Liturgy Planning, and the conference).

    Other than that, the church typically does the liturgy planning with the Priest and the pastoral musician (according to their website).

    The wesbsite also states that the rehearsal is done with the Priest (some churches have a pastoral assocate).  The Priest will give all the direction you'll need at the rehearsal!

    (I know it was more than you asked for, but the archdiocese is fairly strict with marriage prep, so I just wanted to make sure you were on top of it if not already!)


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    If they didn't tell you already, there is a mandatory retreat you have to attend - no exceptions is my understanding (there was a woman who flew in from Ireland to attend...)
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    Thanks for the information. I'm VERY detail oriented and its making me more than a little nervous that the church hasn't been specific as to requirements, etc. I'm originally from Illinois so we are also potentially bringing an outside priest (to complicate matters even further!) as well so I guess I'll just call back Saint Benedict and be very specific with my questions!
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    My girlfriend was married there last fall and she did have a coordinator. The priest was helpful at the rehearsal, but there was no one else there to help. That meant on the day of, if the coordinator was not there, no one was in the back to help people down the aisle, and there is really no place for the bride to hide b/c of the windows, so my friend stayed in her trolley. The coordinator had to help her out and get her in to go down the aisle. She was very happy and at ease knowing someone was there to help.

    Very pretty church...nice choice if that is wher you are getting married :)
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