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Rhode Island

DIY flowers

Hi all,

So I'm thinking that my tiny flower budget will only allow for the pros to do my bouquet and my bridemaids and that we may have to do all of the centerpieces, etc by hand.  My idea for centerpieces is very deconstructed, just a few pretty blue antique mason jars on each table with a few stems in each--like it was fresh-picked off the farm! 

Has anyone here ever done the DIY flower route?  Was it really difficult?  Not as cost-effective as you thought? opinions?

Also if anyone can rec a good online wholesale or even better a local place where I can get some nice flowers on the cheap...  That would be great!


Re: DIY flowers

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    I read a blog by a girl (from CA) who did her own flowers. 


    Not sure if that is clicky or not.  Anyway, she listed her sources, etc.  Maybe that will be helpful?  I think she got roses online (then delivered).

    Another idea would be to do non-floral centerpieces?  I like the blue mason jars (those are pretty pricey though, aren't they?) so maybe you could incorporate them somehow?  If not, baskets of fruit look lovely. 

    We actually served the meal family-style, which negated the "need" for centerpieces.  They certainly look nice, but if you are looking to save on costs, it would be an easy way to do that!
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    I considered doing this, but a quick survey of the BMs indicated that it totally stressed them out, so I changed my mind.

    My friend did her flowers at Robin Hollow Farms in Saunderstown:

    I met with Polly, and she is amazing.  Her prices are pretty reasonable, ESPECIALLY if you plan to DIY with real flowers.  Best part?  She's local and I beleive she's also organic.  I highly recommend her.
  • RoyalOrientRoyalOrient member
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    It sounds like your centerpieces are fairly simple but I would still suggest a mock up. I'd also make sure you have time and people to help you with this DIY project as it can be a huge undertaking on the day of the wedding. You should weigh the cost of supplies plus flowers v.s having a florist do it and you providing the containers. Also, check out Whole Foods, they are very budget friendly. G.L
  • KBinRIKBinRI member
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    I had planned to all my own flowers and I ordered through Sam's Club online after doing a lot of research and reading many reviews. I ordered them so they'd arrive two days before the wedding so they would to have time to open up. On the Thursday before my Sunday wedding, I got home from a class I teach at night to find a message that half of them wouldn't arrive until Saturday after 3 - when I'd be at my rehearsal!!

    So I went to Whole Foods in Cranston on Friday morning and they were able to do my bouquet, three bouts, two clutches and a wrist corsage (total cost $94!) and then I bought 10 large mum plants at a roadside stand I'd seen the week before and repotted them in terra cotta pots, tied a bow around them and called it done (total cost $60) for the dinner tables, which were under a tent. With the flowers that did arrive on time (even though they were the wrong color!), I was able to use the white milk glass vases I'd collected to create centerpieces for the cocktail tables around our reception venue. 

    The thing about ordering online  is that you have to be home to process them immediately and also have a space to keep them while they open. I used buckets and put them in my bathtub. You just have to get them out of the boxes/plastic wrap, cut the ends and get them in water. Actually making the arrangements was fairly easy. Transporting went fine but I was a little nervous! We had a DOC to do the decorating for us, which I highly recommend! Best money we spent, I think, and we were on a serious budget.

    We also met with Robin Hollow and I loved her but it was still out of my budget. If I had to do it all over, I would have gone to Whole Foods from the start and had them do the whole thing. (BTW, I wanted blue Mason jars, too, and that's what I got quotes for. But then my husband's cousin got married a few months before us and did Mason jars, so I ditched that for white glass.)

    Sorry to have written you a novel here! Hope some of it is helpful as you make your floral decisions! Smile

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    Wow, thanks for all of the tips, girls! I will def check out Robin Hollow Farm--I 'd way rather go local than have to order from afar (and risk them not getting in on time, etc too!)

    KBRI--Thank you!  very helpful re: whole foods, ordering, processing, etc.  I wish I had money in my budget for a DOC too...I'm really not sure we can swing it though. I did, however, mention it to my fiance this am and he said "well, lets wait and see until we get closer..." So he's open to it

    You guys gave me some really good things to think about...

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