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Already have a cake, but want cupcakes, how many??

So the place where we're having our wedding is package deal, meaning it also comes with a very simple sheet cake. I love the idea of having cupcakes also, but don't really want to spend a fortune on them. Would it be ok if i got cupcakes for 1/3 of our guests? Everybody will get to eat cake! I want it more for the visual effect. Thoughts?

Re: Already have a cake, but want cupcakes, how many??

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    I think if you are going to do the cupcakes, you need to get enough for all of your guests. Don't need a lot, just one each. Most people (assuming they like sweets) will want both, IMO.
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    If going for a visual affect, I think you will be fine with 1/3 the many cupcakes as guests.  Just make sure you have enough cake for everyone (either all cake, all cupcakes or a combination of the both).  As long as I got a piece of cake or a cupcake I would be happy.
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    I think as long as they are the same flavor you would be OK. If you are going to have the cupcakes a different flavor you might run into issues and then I would advise to have enough of 1 or the other for everyone. It also depends on if your guests are going to be helping themselves to the cake/cupcakes or if it's going to be served to them. If you are having servers serve the cake to them, then don't worry about it because your guests are going to get what you serve them.
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    i think you should have one for each guest.  some people might not have one,  but others might have 2.

    you can go with mini cupcakes which are usually about half the cost- but then i'd get maybe 1.5x your total number of guests, since they're bite size.
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