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"Charged on Consumption"

Hi guys,

As I try to do this, I am so bombarded with information.  This is something new to me, so please let me know.  Since this is the first hotel who told me this, I wanted to ask you guys exactly what it means.  Since it is a Muslim wedding, I noticed that the menu did not include the cost of all non-alcoholic drinks, so I asked her about it and she told me that all soft drinks and bottled water will be charged on consumption.  All the other hotels so far, just credited taking out the alcohol.  Can you explain more about this?  This is the first time I heard it.  I feel reallly unprepared for this!  (Panic setting in!) Is this a bad thing since it is not part of package, but it can't run us too high since we won't have alcohol. right?

Re: "Charged on Consumption"

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    This is how our venue was.  How it worked was:

    We ordered and paid for food for X number of people, and if any additional people showed up, we would be charged in addition.  Besides food, this included tea.

    We also offered beer, wine, and non-alcoholic drinks.  There was a cost per bottle/drink and we paid after for whatever was actually consumed.  We paid around $3000 for 110 people who weren't heavy alcohol drinkers (but I'm sure that cost was mostly alcohol).

    It's not a problem necessarily, but you has to include that in your budget.  So if they charge you $3 per soda, and you're having 300 people, maybe estimate $1800.  Or less, because older people may not have soda.  You have to consider your crowd and other events you've been to.
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    I had similar experiences with venues. Some discounted the cost of alcohol. The one we actually went with charged us a per person price for an open soft-drink/juice/coffee/tea bar for 7 hours.

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    I would talk to them about other options they have.  If they are handing out cans or bottles of soda, they might not be flexible.  But if they are serving fountain drinks, you may be able to come up with a negotiated rate for the whole thing.
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