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Picking a date...that suits the Navy

Hi all, so I'm recently engaged and my FI and I are trying to set a BASIC timeline for ourselves. As in how many years we will be engaged.

I'm applying for Officer Candidate School (my life goal thus far) with the Navy in the hopes of going within a year after my graduation May 2013. I won't likely find out before December 2012 if/when I go. Also, I had promised my mother when I was a little girl I would not marry before I graduate college, however if I had her blessing to do so I could have my wedding before then with a clean conscience.

To top it off my brother, who sits in the "will not get married without him at the wedding" variety, is newly stationed in Guam AND is a sub. If I can give him at least 6 months warning he may be able to work his sea duties around my wedding but if he's on sea duty there is no chance of attendance. That's just not how subs work.

I will have lots of help from family and friends to plan as they all love planning big events, but I'm worried about the cost of putting a wedding together in a rush due to late notice on a date for the post-graduation, pre-OCS. As far as post training I would have more money and more time, but my FI will not be permitted to live on base and I will have to ask permission to marry, which I cannot guarantee I get. Plus it will then become a destination wedding, we want to get married at a family friends home in Colorado, regardless of where I get stationed.

Finally, we have discussed marrying in the court and having a wedding later so that he can live on base with me once I’m in my BOAT training and I won’t run the risk of not receiving permission to marry, which I doubt will happen but it is a risk.

We're asking family and friends as well as a lot of personal thought but I want to hear what strangers think about this whole problem.


Re: Picking a date...that suits the Navy

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    Ow wow, thanks for mentioning that, I had missed it. Is there a way to move this?

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