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I am planning an outdoor wedding. However, my intial concern is where I will get dressed. The facility that I have my eye on does not have a dressing area. Is it common for brides to usually get dressed at the hotel and ride to the venue?

Re: Dressing?

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    Depending where your ceremony is, they may have options for you on site. I stayed at a hotel the night before the wedding that was a little closer to our venue than our apartment, and I had to get dressed there. At our venue, the "dressing room" was only available if you rented the largest of the reception spaces they have available.
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  • Nothing wrong with getting dressed at Hotel & arriving at ceremony ready to go.
  • I, and my BMs, got dressed at MIL's house, then I rode with one of them to the ceremony site. It was about 5 miles, so no big deal.

    I did have a tent to hide out in until the ceremony.
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  • I've never been to a wedding where the bride got dressed "on site." Personally, we all got ready at the hotel, then got into the limo to go to the venue. It's shouldn't be a big deal unless your dress is really huge and you don't think it will fit into a car. Wrinkles shouldn't be an issue, but if you're worried you could get one of those garment steamers to take to your venue. Plus it's just a lot easier to get ready at your home or at the hotel -- less stuff to pack with you and worry about getting back at the end of a hectic day.
  • I think you can dress your wedding dress in the hotel,by the way,what style of your wedding dress?how do you think of buy dress online?
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