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Hi Ladies!

I will be getting married on the MS Gulf Coast in March 2012.  I am having trouble finding a venue that is "ballroom nice" and will hold 200-300 people.  Where are all the MS Coast brides hosting their wedding receptions?  Also, do you have any recommendations?  I feel like I have looked everywhere!  Thank you!!!

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    I think with that large of a guest list you'd be best served to look at the casino hotels. The Great Southern Club is nice too I've heard, and it may be big enough as well.
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    Do you want inside or outside?? Oak Crest Mansion is huge and you would have the whole grounds.
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    I definitely would like inside for the comfort of my guests.  It looks like it will be closer to 200 people.  I have checked out Oak Crest and it is nice so I will keep it in mind!  I also checked the Beau Rivage, but their F&B minimums are outrageous!  I have not yet been to the Great Southern Club so I may have to look into that one as well.

    If anyone know of any new construction of venues that might be available within the next year, please let me know.  Thanks!
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    Great Southern Club is where I am having my reception. So nice, easy and convenient. They do the food and alcohol. I hope to only have 200 guests. I have only the sunset ballroom which is plenty of space but they do offer for you to rent the whole floor which would be plenty of room for you.

    Also, I don't know how many people it holds, but the Gulfport Yacht Club is really nice. Good luck!!! I went to ten places before I finally figured out where to get married and have my reception.

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    Hi, I will be getting married in July 2011 on the MS Coast. It will be less than 100 ppl, so if you have any ideas for a small reception venue, please let me know!!!
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    For a small wedding, the Blue Rose in Pass Christian, MS is so pretty. It is a historic house on the beach. They do all inclusive weddings as well.
    Also, look at the Ocean Springs Community Center, also the Walter Anderson Museum. It is so pretty, and in downtown Ocean Springs which is a cute and very pretty place!

    I have some more places that I have been researching, I'll update later.

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    Thanks everyone for your suggestions!  I decided to go with the Slavonian Lodge it is beautiful---thanks for the recommendation!
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    Good choice.  Check into F & B Catering for your food.  I know they just catered a wedding for 300 at the Slavonian Lodge this past Saturday and they also provide wedding/groom cakes.

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    Does the Slavonian Lodge have a webpage with information? I couldn't find anything when I searched.

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    hello I was hoping to find some ideals for a low cost reception place. we have about 50 people attending. 
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    [QUOTE]hello I was hoping to find some ideals for a low cost reception place. we have about 50 people attending. 
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      I'm also looking for a reception cite for a small group of people, about 35. I perfer the Ocean Springs-Biloxi area and I need it to be indoors. I'm too much of a worrier to depend on Mother Nature to be kind on our day. Any and all suggestions are appreciated.
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