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Post Wedding Planning Lessons

Hi, girls-

I just posted my reviews, but there are so many things that I learned that I want to share. Some are silly, and some are a little more serious.

1. Accommodate has TWO c's and m's.
2. Tell people what you want and don't worry about their reaction.
3. Don't think following up with vendors is annoying to them; it's YOUR money.
4. Ask for references and ask them honest, specific questions.
5. Do things early. Time definietly goes into a warp of sorts about 5 months before your wedding day.
6. If you plan on having a candle in your ceremony, figure out where it's coming from a few months in advance. Many of the sellers on Etsy, require 4-8 weeks of notice. Not a good thing to leave to the last minute.
7. Make sure you have a person on the day of your wedding to keep you aware of the time. If you need to have milestones set, tell someone so that they can remind you.
8. If Taylor Swift (or another huge performer) is in town, remember to give alternate directions to your guests. I'd even politely mention it to them so they know to leave extra early, if needed. (Yes, TSwift was the reason my wedding started 15 min late :-))
9. Eat a full plate at your own reception. You'll be starving later.
10. Take the opportunity to learn about how your fiance makes decisions early in the process. Use this to your benefit. :-)

Our wedding day was beautiful and we both enjoyed it. The shade of pink you can't decide on won't break your day, I promise. :-)

And, a huge thanks to all of you. It was so extremely helpful to have a resource for reviews and a place to share the good and bad during the planning!

Much love,

Re: Post Wedding Planning Lessons

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    Congratulations and thanks! It's helpful to hear from brides who have already been there during the planning stage! Anything else or anyone else have anything to add?
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