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So I just found out that the US Pro Cycling Challenge will be in Colorado August 20th-26th.  Our wedding is August 25th in Denver.  I'm kind of excited about this because we're cyclists and might get to see the race and it'll be a fun local activity for our guests.  But I'm also a little worried that things will be crazy in Denver that weekend.  Luckily, I contacted two hotels before the race course was announced and have two courtesy blocks with very good rates, but I'm wondering if I should go ahead and commit to a certain number of rooms so that these rooms are locked down.  Is anyone else getting married that weekend in Denver/Boulder?

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    it's always good to do a lock down on rooms, but i would highly recommend to wait until at least march or at the earliest february

    you don't know how many actual people will come to your wedding and it would be a shame to overbook
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     It is going through Golden over our wedding, right on the street that our hotel venue is on. I thought it would be okay because its the Saturday and we are getting married on Friday. I just spoke with our contact at our venue and I was informed that they will be having a block party that night  on the road that our venue is located, and that there will be thousands of people and that they won't be able to block off the walkway next to the creek like they said before. The recommend that WE rent a tent to cover the ceremony since it is outside. Which defeats the purpose on why we chose that venue. I am so upset and there are going to be so many people, no parking the roads are going to be closed. We are deciding on if we want to keep our venue or find another location! Hopefully the event doesn't effect your wedding the same way it is affecting ours!
  • Argh, I'm sorry halie520!  We definitely considered Golden and would have booked for THAT Saturday so I'm really glad that didn't happen.

    I don't know what to tell you about your situation, though.  If it seems like it's going to be really stressful and very different than what you wanted, it might be time to consider a new venue.  What are the terms of your contract?  Is there a way you could get out of it/get money back since conditions will be different than what you originally agreed to?  I would look at the contract really carefully and see if there is an angle you could work here (assuming you want to).  
  • Yes they understand and are willing to give us our deposit back if we decide to do that. We are now debating on a Thursday night or another venue. It is no fun! There is also a bride that booked Saturday, I wonder what she is doing.....
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