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Limited time--photos before or after?

The place we are using as a venue (for both the ceremony and reception) only allows five hours for the full event from start to finish. It begins at 6pm and ends at 11pm. We will likely have a shorter ceremony (maybe about 20-25 minutes) and I'm confused as to whether or not I should take pictures with my bridesmaids and family before the event and my hubby-to-be take pictures with his groomsmen (so we can save time during cocktail hour and I can just take pics with my fiance and our families all together). I don't know what to do! Advice please :)
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Re: Limited time--photos before or after?

  • Since you are limited on time, it would be a good idea to do all the pics before the wedding begins except the ones of you and your fiance. That way you will have more time to spend with your guests, and be able to have fun at your reception!
  • I was leaning that way. How do I keep my fiance from seeing me!!??! Do the photos at different times?

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  • yes do them at different times, and make sure he is distracted lol so there is no way he will be able see you!
  • I think I can rely on his groomsmen to make sure he doesn't look. Thanks for the advice ladies :)
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  • I'm just doing all my photos before the ceremony, INCLUDING stuff with FI...but I'm non-traditional in the sense that I don't care if he sees me beforehand. He's helping me pick out my dress and I've already helped him pick out his suit. It's all about convenience for us I guess...
  • I agree with PPs. Also, work out a waiting place for whoever is not being photographed, and appoint someone to say to whoever's turn is next "your turn."
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