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This weekend: RAIN!

I am getting married this Saturday in Santa Monica and have a beach picnic on Sunday but the forecast says rain! Thank goodness the cerenomy and reception are inside but we planned to take photos in front of the church and also on the beach.

Does anyone know of a good place to buy cheap, big white umbrellas downtown or something? I will be downtown today. Amazon rush shipping is really expensive.

Sorry to any brides getting married outside...
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Re: This weekend: RAIN!

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    On the same topic, any ideas for a backup plan for a beach picnic??
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    You could put up tents or canopy covers...ez ups I think they're called.  That would only stop the rain if there's no wind though.
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    What about getting some clear umbrellas from Target. The look so romantic and are fairly inexpensive
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    Darn .... sorry about the rain.  I hope it clears up for you as much as possible. Looks like Sunday's forecast is better so you may be ok for the picnic.  Wishing you luck and will be sending sun vibes your way for the weekend.
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