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Are you getting married @ Wilder Mansion?

Bc I am and I would love to have someone to chat with about ideas and stuff.  I know I've heard mixed reviews about the separate rooms but we're having under 100 peopl e so everyone will have dinner in the same room and then we're planning on plenty of lounge seating in the dancing room.  I'd love to chat with you :)
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Re: Are you getting married @ Wilder Mansion?

  • We went there for a freinds wedding a year ago. The food was good, but other than that, I would never have my reception there. The rooms are small, the dance floor has no room and for toasts and speeches, no one could hear anything. I would not recommend it.
  • yes our date is in sept 2013, so we arent able to book it until march. but we looked at a couple of other places and knew the minute we saw Wilder that was it.

    the price is great, we are having around 80 people, so i dont think the seperate rooms will be a problem at all.
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  • Same here, we booked ours for June 2013.  We're having around 80 people as well so we won't be sitting in separate rooms.  As for the dance floor, we're purchasing lounge-style couches for that room.  I like the idea of a change of rooms for the dancing and stuff.  I could see it being too small for a larger group though.
    This was the 1st place we saw.  We looked at a ton of others and kept coming back to the mansion.  ncwenz, I'll be PMing you :)
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  • I went to a wedding there a couple years ago and thought it was a really cool venue. 
    Here are some pics from a wedding there 
  • The only problem I can think of and I dont know what it looks like... is how do you get everyone from the dining room to the dance room to start dancing? Is it all on one floor?
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