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November Siggy--Favors!

Hi gals!

Another month gone....CRAZY!!! How is everyone doing with planning?! I just sent out my invites to the calligrapher and I'm SO excited to see the final product. Originally I was going to address them myself, but when I saw some prices on etsy I couldn't resist, they were pretty reasonable. This week I hope to book our honeymoon airline tickets! Whee!

For this month how about we do favors, favor inspiration, or something you plan on dedicating just to your guests! For our favors, we're offering individually boxed cupcakes from the one and only Georgetown Cupcakes :) I'm from the DC area originally so its bringing some of my home to Mass! And they're insanely delicious!

Re: November Siggy--Favors!

  • Time is flying indeed and it's crazy!

    Our designer friend finished our invitations this week, so we are going to print them at my school print centre this week-end. So excited!

    For the favors, we decided to give everybody some hot chocolate! FI and I are both big fans (we drink hot chocolate almost everyday during winter!), and it's a DIY project that won't be complicated to manage, once we gather the materiels and make our personalised label. We're pretty happy with the idea!

    mckemowse : I'm such a big fan of cupcakes and this one looks absolutely delicious! :)
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    Our planning is going great! I just realized that there is only 5 weeks until I need to send out invites and had a minor panic moment. I still need to order more envelopes (I messed up a few when addressing them) as well as some more invites, since we added a few more people to the list. Then I told myself that 5 weeks is a long time and I felt better. HaHa. My fiance and I are picking up our bands tomorrow from the jeweler. I'm excited! 

    We are not having favors. Instead, we are making a donation to a wild life refuge in the name of our guests'. Our guest know how important animals are to us (especially me-I have a degree in Wildlife Conservation and Management). The refuge we decided on was the Turpentine Creek Wildlife Refuge in Eureka Springs, Arkansas.
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  • How are you ladies doing? Fi and I are still in a slump but okay. :) We are now March but I love you ladies so I am sticking around. We're giving away glass coasters as our favors. Most of our guests are elderly that like knickknacks that they can use and at all of their house, they are always looking for a coaster. :)

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  • frig- I absolutely LOVE the donation idea!  One of FI's cousins donated to the local hospital for her wedding favor, in honor of her brother who had to spend some time there recovering from a trauma.

    I could never really decide on a favor idea, because I was 200% against having to tie a million little bows or stuff a million little boxes.  FMIL was the one to suggest personalized M&Ms, and FI thought the idea was awesome.  They're in our budget & come pre-packaged in a cute box!  Also I was hoping it would be something edible, because I didn't think the majority of our guests would want a physical knick-knack, especially those flying in.  Hooray for little chocolate candies!

    Also I should be getting my invitation proof in the mail early next week, YAY!
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  • I honestly don't think I'm doing favors. I never take them. I was at a wedding last weekend, and less than 10 people out of 70 took their favors. I may change my mind.

    All of my vendors are booked! I've been waiting for mock-ups of my invitations for over 2 weeks now, and that's a little annoying. BM's all finally have their dresses ordered. And I'm having second thoughts about the salad. Random, maybe. But I really want to change it.
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  • Hey Ladies!!  I should be around more often in about a week...I have been mostly hanging out on the DW Board, but I miss you Ladies!  In one week I will have more time on my hands because I will not have to study anymore (pending a passing score on my exam, fingers crossed!)

    I haven't yet decided on favors but I did think about making a donation like frig.  One made in support of Breast Cancer research through the American Cancer Society and another made to Wildlife Conservation (in honor of my FI who loves animals, particularly reptiles, lol).  I also thought about giving guests something "Jamaican" that is edible in honor of our wedding location like candy or coffee.  I will update my siggy a week from today when I have time to research Jamaican goodies!
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  • We decided not to do favors. Our families arent big on that stuff, and put the money towards our open bar!
  • We are doing bluebonnet seeds for our favors :)
    Best of luck to you and yours!

    Feb 22, 2013
  • I would love to make  nonogramed Champagne glasses
    The "Firstmate is still contemplating so as of now------ nada.
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