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Who has done spray tanning?

Hi ladies!

I am thinking about doing a spray tan before my wedding, but haven't done it before. Looking for some advice! Do I need to worry about it coming off on my dress? What about as it fades - I don't want to look spotty or anything like that. I'd try it out now but I'm also in the process of interviewing for jobs, and I don't want to show up looking orange or with obvious different colors in my skin because of a fading spray tan.

Any good/bad experiences to share? Thanks!

Re: Who has done spray tanning?

  • I personally have not done it myself but I would suggest going for a "trial". Book an appointment at a place that is reputable and has good reviews and try it out. See how long itlasts, when it looks best etc. Also, if you have any old white t-shirts that you don't care about ruining you can wear it around to see if it rubs off.
  • Dont do it!! Pale is Pretty!!! ...That would be my first advice. I would be very worried of something going wrong and being orange for my wedding. :/  So I agree with PP, try it out and see how it goes well before the wedding.

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    I had good experiences with a few caveats. First, make sure you follow all the staff directions. Tell them you want a light color. Second, make sure the bottom of your nose is covered with the cover up cream they provide. If you end up darker on the underside of your nose, it will look really really long. Third, try it out. The first day it may look phoney to you. Gauge it on the second and third days. I bought a package of three and spaced them about six days apart. The final one was three days before my event. I looked healthy, not orange.
  • I did because I needed to help hide tan lines for the summer due to having a strapless dress. Just didn't feel that my farmer's tan worked well with

    I had a good experience. If you don't mositurize already start doing it to get your skin in good shape. Then before you go make sure you exfoliate all parts of your body. Don't use any perfumes, lotions or even deodarant the day you go for your spray tan. Go for one as soon as you can to determine if you like outcome.

    When you go wear loose fitting dark clothes. You'll want to put your bra in your purse for the trip home else it will effect the results. Some of the spray color will come off on your clothes but don't worry, it will wash off. It lasted about good 1-2 weeks for me. I didn't notice any blotches as it faded except in one or two spots where my skin had been extra dry. It is important to follow their directions in regards to how long to wait to take a shower. The longer you can go without showering after the spray the more it will set in.

    My place recommend coming 2-3 days before my wedding to get sprayed and not day of because she said most brides are busy running around the day before & nervous at the reheresal so naturally you'll sweat and that will cause spray to tan. So I went on Wednesday night for my Saturday wedding & it worked out great.

    The one con is that while sweating and dancing at the reception some of the color did rub off on my dress and slip but it washed out of the slip in the washing machine. The dress, it was on the inside so one one even noticed. 
  • Oh I wanted to add, I didn't go dark for wedding, I'm naturally pale, just dark enough to blend in tan lines. 
  • I worked at a tanning salon for a year.  You'll be putting cream on your hands and bottoms of your feet. Some of them last about 3-4 days, some a bit longer. We usually recommended people tan right before they go in. Don't wear your dress on Day 1. After you dry nothing comes off on clothing, but I noticed that the first time I got damp from sweat in the first few hours excess comes off in your pores. (You're not supposed to swim, shower, or get sweaty the first day) Day 3 or 4 should be perfect... not coming off yet and no risk to your dress. Once again just ask your salon... they are good with specific brands and tips.

    You can buy a scent to go in the bottle. It helps with the first day, but after you shower on Day 2 you shouldn't have any tanning scent on you. 

    I was very very pale and looked normal glowish after. When you see people who are orange you are seeing people who tan everyday (never recommended) or spray tan over and over again before it's faded. And any skin that is super dry (hands/bottom of feet) will be orangy if you ignore the lotion. 

    They also have emergency product if an area is too dark. It takes off color if you mess up.

    Hope that helps!! 
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  • I am really pale and I have very thin skin and you can actually see a lot of my I have decided to spray tan before my wedding so I look more healthy in pictures. I have done two trial runs and I have learned a few things. First, specify that you want to go a little light. Second, WAIT for the tan to dry a little! I got impatient last time and got dressed and left after only about 5 minutes. The next day I had a distinct line across my abdomen from sitting down before it was dry. Third, the color of the tan can be SHOCKING at first. I almost cried the first time I did it because it looked like I had painted by skin dark brown and splotchy! After 8 hours I showered and the excess washed off. Looked great after that!
  • My stylist/friend is pretty much forcing me to let her spray tan me. I haven't before and I tan really easily, but she swears a very light spray is a must have for evening out tan lines and skin tone just from being outside in summer. Wedding is on a Saturday so she is having me come in the Wed before for the best results.
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  • I have done it! Go with Victoria's Secret Spring Break Coconut Mango tinted Self Tan body mist. They are a little on the expensive side, but they spray evenly and it's never orange!! Make sure when you use it to make sure you don't touch yourself or anything around you for atleast the time that they tell you. I think it's 5 min. Let it dry and It shouldn't rub off. 
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