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Four Weddings

So, I know that we talked about this a few months ago, but I just got a call from TLC to set up an interview for Four Weddings (my wedding is in April). I wanted to get feedback from anyone who has interviewed or has/is going through the filming for the show. What should I expect? Are you glad you decided to go ahead with it? How does it work for the guests? I mean, do they all have to sign a waiver or something? How soon after all of the weddings do they reveal the winner? And then how soon do you get to actually take the trip, if you win?

I am definitely leaning towards going to the interview to check things out and am strongly considering doing it, if I'm selected. I agree with PP who felt like this would help their vendors "be on their best behavior" if they know they'll be on camera, so that would be a definite plus. My only concern is how catty some of the girls can be, but I think that I'd just have to realize that my wedding is perfect (even if I'm the only one who thinks so :)).


Re: Four Weddings

  • I have gone through the entire process and am currently waiting to find out out who I've been 'matched' with. The interview process consisted of a phone interview, then a skype interview, then another phone interview. 

    There was a lot of paperwork to fill out, including some stuff FI had to do, but it wasn't terrible. They have been very nice to work with, and I'm excited about the show.

    My photographer is a little nervous that the camera crew will get in his way, but as long as they don't interrupt our vows, I am ok with it. It will be nice to have a little bit of video from the show since we aren't having a videographer.

    Also, I think you have a good attitude re: the other brides. We are making the decisions about our wedding for US... if these other brides don't like it, I'm not going to worry too much about it.

    From what I understand, the final meeting and unveiling of the winner is a week or two after the fourth wedding.

    Let me know if I can answer anything else!
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  • Thanks for the input... Wouldn't it be super crazy if we got matched up?! We'll see how things go. :) Good luck to you!

  • Good luck to you, too! Let me know how everything goes with your interviews!
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  • how do you apply? I think that would be cool .
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  • cu97tigercu97tiger
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    Sorry for taking so long to answer... here's the link!

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  • Hi there!!

    I actually just finsied shooting the Fianle with Four Weddings and its going to air on the 16th of March!  If you got picked I'd tell you that it is an AWESOME experience.  

      Depending on the spacing between each wedding, it can be exhausting.  But the crew you work with and get to know are amazing people and make it a lot of fun.  As far as the guest situation goes, if they were talking to the guest brides quite a bit or had any interaction with them on camera, then they sign a waiver.  But you dont have to worry about EVERYONE signing it.  

    Congrats on getting chosen. You are going to have a really great time :)
  • Ooooooo! I submitted and app and had an interview too! Fingers crossed...

    So besides Acampbell426...did either of you ladies get casted for the show?
  • shannonandyshannonandy
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    Im so bummed - I went through the whole process and sounds like my date won't work for other brides, :(  It really sucks that after waiting to hear for 3 months my bachelorette trip  & honeymoon conflicts with when they need to film. They said there is still a chance if they find other brides that can go to my wedding so fingers are crossed, but it doesnt look good - the producer seems to really like me and is trying to work it out though! 
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