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When do I send out Shower Thank you notes.

Thank you notes sent!
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Re: When do I send out Shower Thank you notes.

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    I would try and send one to each guest right after the shower if you can find the time to do it and the another after the wedding. Guests will appreciate the timeliness of the thank you because they know how much you will have going on. 
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    Do what you can to get them out ASAP. And since you should send TY notes for wedding gifts as the gifts arrive, it's quite possible that you'll send out wedding TY notes before your shower occurs.
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    ASAP, it will be less to think about later.  I did all of my shower TY's (35 total, I think), the day after the shower, as soon as the gifts were put away.  I had a rare case of insomnia, which made it a little easier for me, but really if you sit down at the table with a goal it shouldn't take more than a few hours tops.  Much less time that washing the dust from China off of all our new dishes and pans took!  I also made smaller TY cards so that I could write just 3 or 4 heartfelt sentences and the card didn't look empty.  Good luck getting through them all!
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