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New Boards, New Community!

Hey ladies (and gents)!

I'm the mod for this board (my name is Eeva, nice to meet you) and hopefully I can shed a teensy bit of light on the situation.  Since the switch over, there have been some exciting new changes to the board, and also some new bugs that need to be worked out.  From what Annie has confirmed, our old posts from the retro boards are gone (along with many knottie's post count).  My best suggestion would be to repost your missing retro posts.. now that we're a larger group, maybe you'll get even more responses!

Anyway, if you were like me, you jumped back and forth between the retro boards and vintage boards often enough, that this board merger comes as a welcome convenience.

So we have a brand new Retro-Vintage community!  Let's get those posts going and breathe life into this thing!  If you haven't already done so, post a message in the monthly roll call post and I'll add you to the wedding planning bio list (making stalking each other's bios even easier) Wink

Lastly, if you have any major bugs to report, post them here and I will pass them along.


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