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Tell Me About Your Somethings

We all talked about this months ago and I want to hear what everyone decided.

My Something Old: My Grandma's Hankerchef (My mom carried it at her wedding)
Something New: Necklace
Borrowed: Emerald earrings from my BM who's been happily married 25yrs
Blue: Smal sapphire pin

What about everyone else?

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Re: Tell Me About Your Somethings

  • Something Old:  Grandmothers purse and brooch for purse
    Something New- Dress, my other jewelry
    Something Borrowed- Veil (my BM's)
    Something Blue- Underwear, my ring (has sapphires) and I also have a blue topaz small bracelet that my late Father gave to me when I was 15. I'll be wearing that on my left wrist.
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    Something Old: FMIL gave me a handkerchief she carried on her wedding day
    Something New: Dress, shoes, jewelery
    Something Borrowed: Bracelet
    Something Blue: My Garter & I Do stickers :)
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  • Something old: Not sure yet (unless I count as my something old)
    Something New: Dress, shoes, earrings
    Something borrowed: My SIL crinoline slip
    Something Blue: My earrings have blue
  • April 1 is so close to March, I thought I'd join in!

    Something old: a cocktail ring given to me by my mentor
    Something new: most everything
    Something borrowed: a handbag that I gave a girlfriend for Christmas!  Can't find mine since the move!
    Something blue: a button sewn onto my pillbox hat.  It fastens the veil to the hat
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  • Something old:I still have nothing!
    Something new: pretty much everything (dress, shoes, jewlery, etc.)
    Something borrowed:I still also don't have anything for this one.. Perhaps i'll borrow a bracelet or something from my sister?
    something blue: my garter and toss garter are both blue :)
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  • something old : my grandmothers pearl earrings
    something new ; pretty much everything else i got (dress, shoes, etc)
    something borrowed : dont know yet!!
    something blue - I do stickers!
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  • Something Old: A piece of one of my grandma's fav velvet robe
    Something New: Dress, shoes, jewelery
    Something Borrowed: My very dear friend is letting me borrow some diamond earrings.
    Something Blue: My Dallas Cowboys garter- WOO HOO ;)
  • Something Old: My dress!
    Something New: My shiny red shoes
    Something Borrowed: My cousin's freaking expensive veil
    Something Blue: My toenails
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  • Something old: My Grandmother hankerchef
    Something new: Dress
    Something borrowed: Veil (belongs to one of my BM)
    Something blue: Our wedding colors are blues so I have a lot. My shoes, garter, necklace and earrings.
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    Something Old:  A hair comb that my mother had when she was a teenager - it has (fake) pearls, so it's very wedding appropriate!
    Something New- Veil, dress
    Something Borrowed- My mother's strand of pearls (probably will be wrapped around my wrist, though)
    Something Blue- Shoes!  I will also have a blue ribbon pinned somewhere for my father with his badge number (he was a police officer killed in the line of duty, and that's something that fellow officers wear in memory of fallen officers)
  • Old: my grandmother's (mom's side) and great grandmother's (dad's side) wedding rings to tie to my bouquet
    New: my dress, shoes (which kill my feet), purse, earrings, bracelet
    Borrowed: my MOH's veil and tiara that she wore in her wedding
    Blue: my shoes (which, again, kill my feet) and our wedding colors are blue and silver, so there's a LOT more blue hanging around!
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  • Something Old: The bible my grandmother carried on her wedding  day!
    Something New- Buying something that day!!! Saturday!
    Something Borrowed-  A hankerchief from my FMIL
    Something Blue- My garter
    And I have a sixpence for my shoe... it finishes out the ryhme... 
  • Old: My grandmother's ring and my fiance's grandmother's brooch (will be pinned to the ribbon on my bouquet)
    New: Dress, veil
    Borrowed: A pearl bracelet from my mother
    Blue: My nose ring ;)

    Saw this really clever "something blue" idea on Pinterest and loved it - bridesmaids write notes in blue sharpie on the soles of the bride's shoes so they're with her as she walks down the aisle :) (photo here) Would love to do it, except I've already been wearing my shoes. I want them comfy and broken in before I wear them all night, lol.
    Cannot stop looking at my wedding photos... LOVE them! Thanks Jill Lauren Photography!
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