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I've never been tanning before and I don't want to be as white as my dress on the wedding day. Does anyone know of a good place that spray tans?  Also, the wedding is in Oct so how far in advance should I start going?

Re: tanning

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    Just about any tanning place does spray tans now.  However, if you are considering a spray tan, I would start trying them out sooner rather than later.  I did one and I was orange afterwards for about a week.  I'm going to try another location to see how it goes... if it doesn't work well, I want to have time to use a booth for a slight tan before my day.
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    I had a spray on tan person come to my house to apply.  It was way convenient.  I used Envy Mobile Tanning.  They come, set up a stand up tent and airbrush tan you so you don't get streaks and don't have to get dressed right away.  I was nervous at first but am so glad that I did it that way!
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    I go to Clare's of Clayton for my hair and they have a girl who does spray tans. It's not a machine, she actually does it by hand. I think it was only $75 for 3 times, which I think is good. Then you can try it before your wedding day to make sure it's the look you want. 

  • shawna77inilshawna77inil member
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    I have heard so many horror stories on spray tans, I didnt dare even try it.  I did a tanning bed for a few weeks before.  The place I went does ten tans for $35 and you can use them whenever you want.  The woman is very conscious of how you tan and makes sure she adjusts beds and times so you don't become a crispy critter.  LoL  I got a couple of pink spots a time or two, but overall I was completely satisfied.  I had never tanned before and it helped once my then fiance told me you have to move around alot so you don't get lines or burns.  (the areas closest to the bed get more heat, so the tushy and the girls were a little warmer than everywhere else those first couple times... LMAO  Talk about bad places to be itchy when you're at work!! LoL)  If you do choose to spray, make sure you go a few months in advance to see how it acts on you and I wouldnt go less than a week in advance of the wedding just in case.  Hope this helps!
  • rachelw1223rachelw1223 member
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    Spray tanning is the way to go. There's too much risks of burning in tanning beds plus they make your skin look aged even if your only using them for a few weeks.  I went with a mobile spray tan company as well but I used OC Tan 2 u, they are in St. Louis and Orange County, CA.  I went with them because their solution is designed to match your skin tone. They told me it's like mineral make-up.  They were right!  My whole bridal party and my mother all got sprayed and we all looked different shades of tan but it matched each one of our skin tones perfectly. It was such a relief since I have seen many orange spray tans in the past.  We did what they call a "Tan Party" we all got a discount for doing it in a group and I even got a free tan for having more than 4 paying girls.  All of us loved our tans and the best part was that no one believed that they were spray on tans!!!!!! Definitely try St. Louis mobile spray tan OC Tan 2 u. Their website is www.octan2ustl.com
  • danyl87danyl87 member
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    My sister in Law owns a tanning salon in Freeburg IL called Tanlines.  But she lives in Kirkwood and has a traveling system that she can use.  She just got spray tans (airbrush) and they are very nice.  She's done a few on me, and they aren't orange at all.  If you do spray tans, stay away from the mystic tan...they are orangerific!  The airbrushed ones are so much better both for color and for streaking.  They normally last people 4 days, so if you want a spray tan, I would test out places and different shades before the big day.  I would get the spray tan probably a day, maybe two, before your wedding. 

    Just in case you want to check her out:
    My SIL's shop number is 618-539-0214, and her name is Amy. 
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