reception locations in the Columbus area

i am in need of finding a location for my reception that is 500 or less , does anyone know of places???
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Re: reception locations in the Columbus area

  • i am attending a fairly large reception in a few months that will be held at the Commons in Columbus. the commons is a gorgeous space and super modern, with a large dance floor area.
  • My reception is also at the Commons.. But unless you are having the wedding on a week night, it won't be under 500 =( 
  • My reception is at the Hilton Garden Inn in Edinburgh (right by the outlet mall).  They charge $561 with tax and then you have to use their catering service.  If you're really on a budget, try the Fraternal Order of Eagles.  It was $200 when I called them, but they said they were thinking about raising the price. You can use any caterer you want, though.
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