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Couldn't Believe it.....

Hi everyone - 

So...Saturday I went to my first appointment at DB to try on wedding dresses, i must say it was a horrible experience. I am about 14w-16w which is not the hugest thing in the world but it sure seemed like it and i was just disgusted on the in-store samples they had for plus size women.  
I had been browsing the DB website for a few weeks and narrowed down the 3 dresses i love and wanted to try one, when i get there they have NONE in a size that will fit.  The consultant then brings out all the 16w dresses they have in-store (which is about 5) and allows me to try them on.  They were terrible...i was totally disappointed.
So...this is what i did..
I found the dress i absolutely loved which is style 9swg400 and my lovely sister agreed to try it on (she is about a size 10-12), it was gorgeous.  I really felt bad asking her to do this, but she was ok with it.
I ended up purchasing the dress in my size because i fell absolutely in love with it.  It will be here in 8 weeks - so exciting.

I learned from this...i need to lose some weight Laughing and i guess my expectations were a bit too high for good ole DB.  I don't think i ever want to wedding dress shop again.

I am 13 pounds down and counting, hoping to be 30 down before my big day!

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Re: Couldn't Believe it.....

  • I also had a really weird DB experience. It's not that they're a bad store, it's just that with all the stuff everyone says about how they have great plus size, the store I went to also only had about 5 dresses that were above a size 10, and three of them weren't anything I was interested in trying on. People kept saying to go to David's, that they'd have a lot of styles in my size (I'm about your size) so I could get an idea of styles, but I had better luck at AA and a local salon. 

    I will say that my consultant was super nice, there just wasn't anything there for me. 
  • I'm sorry you had to go through that ladies. I'm also a 14W-16W.  I had no problem at my DB. They had all the dresses I liked in my size.  I picked this one, and love it!  On the plus side it's slimming!
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  • Every DB is different. I had a wonderful experience with my store. It really varies by location, with management, etc. I know you said you already ordered the dress, but maybe if you really want to try it, you could call a different location and see if they have it in a size that you can fit into? (I'm a 16W and I tried on as low as a 14- they just couldn't zip it in the back) 
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  • Sorry DB didn't have anything for you to try on.  I was trying on size 20s at my DB and they had a large selection.  Of like 10 dresses I wanted to see they didn't have 1.  I ended up ordering it in a 16W, but my pant size is a 20 so that's what they were bringing out.

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  • I agree with becka717 - I'm an 18 and had TONS to try on!  My consultant, Stephanie was amazing!  I ended up having to exchange one bridesmaid dress for a bigger size and one Jr. bridesmaid dress for a smaller size and the store was great about it!

    However, I had an awful experience at AA's.  The consultant was horrible - telling me that I was too big for most of their dresses and even told me that one dress I wanted to try on was "only for skinny girls - which you are not." and "I'm not even sure why they make it in bigger sizes". 
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  • I'm so sorry you had such a hard time!  I went to DB's, and I did the same thing OP, I did ALOT of research first and found dresses that I liked and wanted to try on, they had all of the dresses in sizes that I could try on (ranging from just a liiiittle bit too small to a couple sizes too big with clips).  The dress I chose was the first one I tried on!  I loved my consultant too!

    I only have a couple gripes about DB's 1) at least the one by me does not hold the dress for you.  I got my dress early (about 10 months out) so I had to find a place to store it where I wouldn't be disturbed or damaged for almost a year!  and 2) BM dress shopping there is crazy to say the least!  I mad an appointment for 3/5 BM's that could make it that day and my consultant was busy with brides and the store was packed so it was hard to try on different dresses!  Then the dress we picked was getting ready to be discontinued so I had to ask my girls to order them ASAP.  It worked out, they love the dresses and so do I and their dress was only $99 which was below the budget they gave me.

    I'm glad you found your dress though!!!!!

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  • I had a similar experience at DB.  They had probably 8 or so in my size (I'm a street size 14-16), but only ONE that I had picked out online.  The rest of them were selections that I didn't even like, but tried them anyway, since they were close to my size.  I ended up leaving there ready to cry and was positive I would never find a dress that would fit me.

    I ended up going to a salon that carried the Mori Lee "Julietta" line. And all of the Mori Lee dresses fit SOOOO much better than DB dresses.  Alfred Angelo plus size line fits AMAZINGly better than any DB dress I tried on.   And, the DB dresses were not that much cheaper. 

    I hope you like your dress.  I'm not sure how having your sister try it on will work... since your body shapes cannot possibly be the same... .  I saw dresses on other people that were barely smaller than me.. that I was positive would be "the one" and when I put the same dress on me... I looked ridiculous !   Hopefully, you will still like the dress once it's in your size
  • i HATED my trip to DB - i live in between 2 of them - the friat was was horrid they were so busy with prom and walk in my consultant was helping 3 other brides and i was changing all my myself in the dresses i had to pull myself... so after i broke down & cryed i ended up leaving after 2 dresses and telling them no thank you i will not be coming back I went to the other - SO much better I did not find my dress but at least it was a better morning of dress shopping- even had 2 maybes
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  • I had pretty good luck at my local DB actually and bought one of the samples :-)

    I also called all the ones that were closest to me to ask how many samples they had in my size and went to the one that had the most. The one I went to had 8 dresses in my size.
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    I agree it does depend on which one you go to. I live close to one, but after stopping in one day, I gladly drove to the one farther away. The first trip was great, just went in for color samples, walked out with my dress. The second time was for the bridesmaids and it was a complete mess. The final trip we got the bridesmaid dresses. You really need to find the right person to make it a great experience.
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