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Custom Wedding Dress

I posted this before, but in the wrong section, so here it is again.
I've been engaged for about 9 months now, and I've looked at hundreds maybe even thousands of dresses. I can't find one that fits everything that I want, but I've found a few that I love certain parts about and have created the exact dress that I want. I really think I just want to have my dress made for me with my design. People keep telling me to just keep looking and I'll eventually find one that looks exactly like what I want, since there are so many out there, but I don't think I ever will! Does anyone know of anyone who can do a good job sewing a  custom dress for me? Or anyone who has done this and has comments? I've heard that it's also much cheaper than buying it from a store. Money isn't a huge issue, I have a few thousand to spend on the dress and would be willing to pay well for a custom one if I could just find the right person that could do exactly what I want. I still a year and a half until my wedding. Help please?

Re: Custom Wedding Dress

  • I live in Nashville, but my fiance lives in Cleveland (near Chattanooga, if you're not familiar with cleveland), and honestly I would go almost anywhere to get the dress made. Do you know of someone who does this?
  • thejucheideathejucheidea East Nashville, Tennessee
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    Joan Vanderlip of Needleworks by Joan in Franklin made some beautiful dresses for my proms and Cotillion balls. She's right off of Highway 96 and her number is (615) 591-7222. She's also made costumes for me and is really talented at mixing and matching pieces of patterns you like to make something perfect :D!

  • It's kinda far from you but Colleen at White Orchid in Knoxville does great work. I was going to have a dress pretty much completely done there (I'd found a prom dress on clearance and she was going to redesign it for me, until I found my dress at the dash for the dress last fall!). So I think that she can completely design somethign for you, if it's not too far for you to go. She's super sweet. 
    It looks like from her reviews, that she can create something from scratch for you. here is her YELP page, with some reviews and her number:
    Good luck! :)
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