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Wedding Recap and Withdrawal

Wedding Planning...

I have a question for brides who have already had their wedding... did you have a wedding planner? If you didn't did you regret it? If you did would you recommend it?? 

Re: Wedding Planning...

  • Our wedding planner and coordinator were helpful during the planning and day-of set up (and take down/clean up).  It honesly allowed my family to show up - concentrate on the last minute details, rather than spending time setting up - and enjoy the excitement.  During the wedding, however, they were a flop.  They didn't help guide everyone to where they needed to be (ceremony and reception at same place, but there was a little bit of walking to do).

    Things were stressful, miscommunications DID happen and things did go wrong though - the largest mistake was no one brought an extension cord, so we didn't have music at our reception!). 

    They coordinator's fees were included in our facility contract; I probably wouldn't have paid extra to hire someone because our wedding was small (65 guests).  My recommendation is to evaluate how much the time the day of and day before means to you and your family... With a large wedding, a day-of-coordinator will be worth the investment.  That also entirely depends upon the tonality of your wedding.
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    [QUOTE]I have a question for brides who have already had their wedding... did you have a wedding planner? If you didn't did you regret it? If you did would you recommend it?? 
    Posted by GuirguisC[/QUOTE]

    I did not have a co-ordinator or planner. I handled everything myself and listed myself as the point of contact for the day of. I do not regret it at all. It was stressful heading into the wedding day, but I had multiple detailed lists of who was going to do what, at what time, and where. I went over these details with my vendors, and fortunately everything went perfectly and stayed on schedule. I also didn't receive a single phone call that day (I was nervous that my phone would be ringing off the hook).

    I thought of asking a good friend to be my point of contact that day, but I have a hard time delegating tasks to people. I know that comes across as bridezilla-ish, but I have a hard time asking people for help, and I wanted to make sure that everyone was relaxed and enojoying themselves. I do tend to be a bit of a control freak though :-)

    I would say that if you are going to handle it yourself, just make sure you are organized and detailed about it. And make sure those details are communicated to your vendors.

    I will also add that I had a small wedding - we had 82 people for dinner, including me and my hubby.
  • We had a DOC. She did everything. She is the main lady where we got married. I didn't have to worry about a thing. Her team set everything up and took everything down. She answered every question I had.
    I would have someone helping you out.

  • We didnt have a coordinator or a planner, Between myself, DH, and our families, we did everything ourselves and it couldnt have turned out more perfectly, thankfully family offered to help with anything we needed, like meeting the chair and tent rental company the morning of so we didnt have to worry about it, to setting up the centerpieces and tying bows on 100 chair covers.

  • We had a DOC. After our rehearsal, she told everyone that if there were any wedding-related questions from then on, they were to go to her, not me. I LOVED that I didn't have to think about anything on my wedding day except getting married. She made the entire process so easy and stress free. I would recommend having a DOC in a heartbeat. :)
  • I didn't use a planner.  Our wedding (both ceremony and reception) was at the same venue, and they helped coordinate during the wedding itself, so I didn't find it necessary to use a planner.  H and I enjoyed researching vendors on our own.
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  • We had a planner that we brought on for partial planning.  We had already chosen our venue and my wedding dress and had a general idea of what we wanted for the wedding.  Our planner was an amazing help in helping us choose vendors, scheduling meetings, appointments, etc.  She got us great deals with our vendors and pretty much helped us put together a dream team of vendors that all worked together to make our vision come to fruition.  

    She crafted our day of timeline and on the day of we didn't have to do anything except show up and enjoy ourselves.  She and her team of four associates executed the day pretty perfectly and even surprised us with an extra thing at our ceremony space that we didn't have in budget (covered by them) and decorated our honeymoon cabin.  

    It cost about 10% of our budget but I wouldn't change it at all.  
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  • Initially we wanted a planner, then decided against it. About 8 months prior to the wedding, we decided that a coordinator was a must. If it's in your budget, I highly recommend it.

    From our first meeting with her, she thought of details we would have never thought of. She kept us in line with budgets and made sure we were on the same page with all of our vendors. The day of, she took A LOT of stress away. DH AND I, along with our families got to actually relax and enjoy the day. Between her and her assistants, they had someone at each location (church, house, and reception venue). She made sure we stuck to our schedule, all vendors were paid, and that none of the details were missed.

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