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Scoping out possible reception location

Well, my FI and I scoped out one possible reception location for the wedding on Friday.  Not overly impressed with the whole experience.  First our contact wouldn't let us actually schedule a definite time/date to meet with her; all we had was that she would be around Wed and Fri afternoons, late afternoons worked best, and to give her a call before we went over.  So late Wednesday afternoon that's exactly what we did; well she wasn't there, but said she would be later.  Later was too late for us, so we agreed on meeting 11am Friday.  So once again, prior to going we called her and yet again she wasn't there!  The site we were looking at was a local hotel; the owner runs another local hotel and this woman manages the events at both.  So when we called her she was at the other location!  When we were finally able to meet with her she wasn't very personable at all, we had formulated a list of questions to ask her.  Well, when she showed us the room she just rambled out everything and then asked if we had any other questions; she really made us feel as though we were intruding or something.  I understand we are planning early (wedding isn't until July '11) but we want to get a jump start on planning where I am away at school most of the year.  So we are trying to take advantage of the times I go home.  Makes me not want to do business with her. Unfortunately we may have to given that we have slim pickings.  Aside from dealing with her I wasn't completely turned off from the site.  Like I said it is a hotel which is convenient for our families and guests (most will have to travel).  The floor is a little out dated though and by no means neutral!  But I figure if we do go with this site all the tables will pretty much cover the rug.  So I'm back in Scarborough for now, when I go back home during Christmas break we will be scoping out more locations.  Going to the first location was very exciting though! My future sister in-law and I talked wedding talk during the Thanksgiving get-together. 

Out of curiosity- anyone from Aroostook County: have you been to or are you have your wedding at UMPI? My future mother in-law has been asking around about wedding locations and that seems to be a common answer.  Where on campus are they normally held?  Contact person? My FI is pretty much turned off by the idea, but I think where choices are limited we can't throw any ideas out before actually inquiring and looking.

Re: Scoping out possible reception location

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    My suggestion is that if you're not getting a good feeling you may not want to work with her.  My only frustration throughout planning was dealing with a coordinator that was beyond zero help and caused me more frustration than anything.  It's just not worth it. 

    You don't want to be doing what I was doing and leaving message after message begging for a call back to no avail.  I was in tears more than once in the two-ish weeks leading up to the wedding (not that it was any better before then...it just hadn't got to me).  I seriously was doubting we were actually having our wedding there the week before due to the lack of communication.
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