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Second Weddings

Where to begin?

So, my Fiance and I have begun the wedding planning process three or four times now.  Each time, we get flustered over cost and put everything aside.  It is the second marriage for both of us and though neither of us really had a "wedding" the first go round, we are thinking about foregoing the big shindig altogether and just running off.  So, my question to you lovely folks is:

Any suggestions for a destination wedding/elopement?

We will probably do informal invitations to immediate family and the closest of friends.  Those that would like to and/or can afford to join us will be more than welcome.  But we just want a lovely setting for us to go and get hitched and then perhaps have a small cookout/reception upon our return.  And, of course, if you have any tips, pros/cons, or other helps tidbits for planning and executing this sort of thing, all is quite welcomed.

Thanks, y'all!!


Re: Where to begin?

  • I never did a destination wedding, but I recently went to Sandals in Ocho Rios, Jamaica and there were a couple of weddings there.  It's an adults-only, all inclusive vacation resort and it is wonderful.  Like I said, I personally did not have a wedding there, but it was a great place for a vacation and the places that I saw set up for weddings (gazebos, reception room, tented area) were very pretty!
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  • Ok, first of all you HAD a wedding the first time.  If you had to divorce or be widowed to get out of it, that was a wedding. 

    Second, are you still planning on paying for some sort of reception/party after the ceremony if folks are willing to show up?  You should plan on that--just because it's a destination wedding, doesn't make it OK to throw out the etiquette rules IF you invite people.

    My DH and I went to Key West for our wedding ceremony.  We didn't invite anyone for a variety of reasons, and it was very romantic and a lovely beach ceremony.  No witnesses are needed in Florida, and a notary is the only officiant you need, so our B &B found us our officiant, she and I talked on the phone a few weeks prior, and we put together our ceremony.
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  • Having known a few folks that have attempted to get married outside of the US I would say this if you can find a destination state side that works that would be your best bet.  A couple I know had a Jamaican wedding all planned (and paid for) they showed up but the officials (it takes two to be legally wed) didn't show up they had a dignitary in for a visitation so they bailed on the wedding. It took the couple almost 6 months to get a portion of their money back and they had to get married state side afterward - it was a mess. 

    Another couple got married in Mexico only to find out 4 years later that their marriage wasn't valid, which gave them both pause.  They ended up going to the courthouse on their anniversary and getting married. 

    Triple check with those in charge of planning your destination wedding (don't attempt the DIY on this issue it's best to have the help) and have a back up plan if you do decide to go some where exotic.
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