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So, how far in advance did you decide on your dress? Where did you go? My wedding is July 21, and I haven't even shopped yet. I was hoping to lose some weight first, but I think that I have to go for it. 

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    You should definitely be shopping now and placing your order soon so you avoid rush fees.  If you plan on losing weight then look for dresses with a corset back.  This way you can still lose a little bit of weight and it won't dramatically affect your dress.

    ETA: I purchased my dress in Florida through a website (jaysbridal).  A lot of ladies here like Pebbles in Woodland Hills.
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    Thanks for the advice on the corset back.  I'm trying to lose more than a little bit of weight though... like 25-40 pounds...  But that is a GREAT suggestion and I am excited about getting out there and seeing what looks good on me :) 
  • I just went to Camarillo Bridal, and the sign when I walked in said " If your wedding is Aug 1st, or sooner, you will need a rush order" So I would go shopping.. tomorrow ;-) I am planning on loosing a good amount of weight as well, but I am going to buy the size I am now, and then I will get it altered to fit what my body will be like then. 
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  • Have you tried Nordstroms? They hav a great and affordable selection. They have a wonderful return policy and they do alterations. It's a little "off-the-rack" for some ppl but i HATED all those wedding dress shops who really push you to "say yes to the dress".
    I went to the Topanga Nordstroms. Rachel is lovely!
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