Forgot to introduce myself!

I've been posting all over the place and haven't even introduced myself!

My name is Ashley. I currently live in LA, and am moving to SF next month for FI's job. We are getting married on Oahu, June 30, 2012. I grew up on Maui, but my family now lives on Oahu, which is why we're getting married there! We were considering a wedding in NorCal (our future home), but I knew in my heart I had to go back home for my wedding. FI's family is from the South and they are all very excited to have an excuse to vacation in Hawaii! It's amazing how much people love that place :)

If you girls have logistical questions about Maui (I probably can't help with vendors, but I'm familiar with most of the hotels and beaches) or cultural questions about Hawaii feel free to ask me!
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Re: Forgot to introduce myself!

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