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What are your colors/decrorations?

Hey Feb brides!  Just wondering what everyone is doing for their reception?  We are having a valentines type of theme since it is is around valentines day.   Our colors are red/black/silver.  We have to pay for our wedding & reception ourselvses so funds are limited.   So far I have white tablecloths, black table runners and was going to sprinkle red rose petals on the tables.  Not sure what else I am going to do.   Just curious how you gals are decorating your reception.

Re: What are your colors/decrorations?

  • We are doing a rustic/vintage theme..but we are running into problems. My problem is settling on a colour. I am not completely into the "winter" theme/colours for a wedding... I know its winter but its just the way I feel

    .Our centerpieces are vintage books, a globe, oil lamps and candles. Our favors are going to be birdseed hearts.

    (our wedding is an evening candlelight service with cocktail hour afterwards)

    I do not like green but want to keep with the vintage rustic look with out making anything look to springy... any suggestions.
  • Our colors are blush and champagne and ivory. blush bridesmaids dresses, guys tux's will be black with champagne vests and ties.  my dress is ivory. we've got some golds thrown in there , bouts and bouquets will be wrapped in a gold wire, champagne colored linens. Centerpieces are the cylinder vases with floating candles and votives. each center vase will have a sunken flower, either a rose or a calla , alternating on the tables. along with rose petals, the reception venue is pretty much going to be drenched in candlelight.(wow i just made myself gag a little LOL ) the head table will have the BIG cylinder vases with roses threaded up gold wire in a spiral up the inside of the vase and a bunch of smaller cylinder vases of varying sizes along with flowers and petals scattered amongst them. Flowers was the one thing I really wanted to not skip out on, and even tho were RIGHT before v-day we got a GREAT deal. 1200 for all our ceremony and reception flowers, that includes my bouquet(30 calla lillis), 7 bridesmaids bouquets(16 premium roses each, darn things are almost as big as my hand), 21 bouts, 12 corsages, petals for the fg's and alll the reception florals, plus all the vases for the tables ( 7  on each table) You CAN find good deals on flowers even close to vday if you shop around. I really cant wait, even tho i just started internally freaking out that ive only got 38 days till the wedding lol
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  • We are choosing to do the colors from the "sweethearts" candy orange, yellow, purple, green, blue and pink. I have had such a tough time trying to figure out the colors plus I wanted to keep it Valentiney since people will be coming out for our event.The bridesmaid dresses are going to be black (so that they can use them for something else) and the groomsmen are going to have matching vest and ties with my girls. My oldest sons are walking me down the aisle and one toodler is the ring bearer and the other well he will be throwing something (still not sure what) lol.I found alot of great ideas at pinterest.com We are wanting ours to be different and yes we are too on a budget. We plan on doing alot of DIY to make it more personable. Martha Stewart adds alot of flavor in that area. 

    I am now dealing with trying to find a location since we live in Florida and we are having it in New York where both our families and friends are. Since we are family orientated we really want to do it in a church and then a place where we can bring our own foods and drinks because most of my side of the family has children. Any suggestions? 

    My sister will be in charge of decorating. Ihave my DJ and Photographer.
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    Our wedding is black and white with red accents. My BM dresses are black but my MOH will have a white sash.  The flowers are red and my shoes are red :) The ceremony is in the church where I grew up and the reception is in the banquet room of a local Irish pub (which sounds strange, but the room takes up the entire second floor and is very pretty! We will have black tablecloths and our centerpieces are hurricane vases with white candles surrounded by magnolia leaves.  
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