Hawaiian bride - dream come true!

This is my very first post. I am getting married on the island of Oahu, just a small beach ceremony May 14, 2013. We will be having a full reception back at home in Toronto Canada in September 2013. Just wondering if any brides have certain vendors you have used for your own beach wedding in Oahu. Any recommendations or advice is greatly appreciated.

Thank you.

Re: Hawaiian bride - dream come true!

  • Yay! Congrats to you!!! I'm a Maui bride, so I don't have suggestions, but wanted to congratulate and welcome you!
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  • Congrats! I am from Vancouver and will be getting married May 16th on Oahu! How many guests are you having? Do you know what beach you want to get married on? Are you planning everything yourself, or are you hiring a coordinator? I've planned everything myself and it has been pretty easy, but I'm only having 12 guests.
  • Congrats to you too! I was really considering Maui as well, but i am abit more familiar with Oahu!
  • Congrats @APLovesKP !!!
    I really wanted to get married on Lanikai beach, but it is too small, I am having 12 adults + 2 kids. Wamanalo was recommended to me. What about you? What beach? Did you get your beach permit already? Who have you hired for photo? and hair and makeup.

    I am still deciding if I should do this on my own or not. I am feeling alot of stress as Im planning both the hawaii nuptials and the reception back at home both at the same time, so I was leaning towards going with a planner for hawaii. I would love to know who you have chosen for your vendors.

  • YAY! 

    We chose Isle Media for our photography/ videography/ hair & makeup. I love that I can get everything all from one vendor. Their prices are very reasonable for the quality that you get, and especially considering it's Hawaii. Check out some of their photog and videos on their website islemedia.com .... VERY nice! 

    Also, the lead photographer Reese has been AWESOME as far as communicating. I never have to wait more than a day for an email response, sometimes only a few hours! 
    -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- While trying on a wedding dress, I asked my 3 year old niece what she thought. She responded "where are your glass slippers?"
  • Also- I should add... pay the extra couple dimes to have someone coordinate/plan the majority of it for you. I'm a very Type A person and thought i could plan everything myself... including an at home reception... and its just too hard from so far away. Not to mention never having been to Hawaii. I'd rather have someone else deal with it so I can enjoy my engaged times! At this point, I'm ready to be DONE with it all! 

    On that note, our minister is also Kathy Kawana out of Kanehoe . She is very thorough in her script preparation for the wedding and email communication. We're happy with her so far as well! 
    -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- While trying on a wedding dress, I asked my 3 year old niece what she thought. She responded "where are your glass slippers?"
  • Im.not a fan of waimanalo for out of towners but Sherwood's is near by and a little more private kailuas nice to.
  • ridedatbike - why dont you like Waimanalo for out of towners?

    nola - I have planned everything myself, including our at-home reception (which is only 3 days after we get back from Hawaii)  Our wedding is pretty casual, and like you, we have 12 guests.

    We are getting married on Waiamanalo.  Keep in mind that you are not allowed chairs or structures in the sand on any beach in Hawaii.

    Our vendors:
    Photographer - Chrissy Lambert
    Flowers - Todd at Always Flowers
    Hair/makeup - Dorys Foltin at Maleana
    Officiant - Kahu Bruce

    I do have my beach permit.  It was tricky, but my mom called an event planner and got it through them.  (Not sure who she called.)

    I have gone to Oahu to meet with vendors, and I am very happy with all of my choices.

    I don't feel like I needed to hire a coordinator, but I have been planning for over a year. 

    Have you looked into Kailua Beach?  Where will you be staying?
  • It can be nice but if I wasn't from here I might feel a teeny bit uncomfortable hanging out in waimanalo. Also last year at my friends wedding they got a beach house there for all of their out of town guests and the neighbors were a trip....
  • Im from the kailua/kaneohe area and lanikai and waimanalo are two completely different places.
  • @APLovesKP - Thank you for advice!
    We are staying in a beach home in Kailua. My at home wedding will be for 200 guests and Im doing that one on my own. This will be my first time to Hawaii, I think it will be easier and less stressful to go through a wedding coordinator. There are just so many options to choose from. lol.

  • @ridedatbike
    What are the major differences between the 2 areas?  We are staying in Kailua and just having the ceremony at Waimanalo.

  • Well lanikai is a really really really rich area you should see those houses...and waimanalo is basically on the opposite end of the spectrum when it comes to real estate. Lanikai is also a tourist spot tourists fit right in they def would not in waimanalo.
  • I've been to Waimanalo beach.. I felt fine/safe on the beach. But I was definitely worried about my car getting broken into. Ridedatbike Are you mainly talking about the town of Waimanalo, the beach, or both?
  • Well you have to be in the town to be at the beach lol. I mean if you're familiar with the area its fine if not then I dont reccomend it. Things here are just different were not bad people but some things that new comers don't understand may rub people the wrong way so that's why I would suggest a more touristy spot.
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