Edible Favors

We definitely want to do edible favors for our January wedding.  We are considering cookies but do you tihnk people will be sick of cookies after the holidays?  

I originally wanted to do the square iced cookies with LOVE on them - but at $4-$5 a piece that's just too much to spend for 150+ guests.  I'm concerned with having the time/energy to bake them all as well.  Does anyone have any suggestions or recommendations as to places I could order reasonably priced cookies?  I would even be happy with something nice and comforting such as delicious chocolate chip!

Any advice/input is helpful! 

Re: Edible Favors

  • Have you checked out Etsy? I was looking into the sellers on Etsy when I was looking for chocolate favors. They have great bakers on that site.
  • Not cookies but I know Kohl's has some great jars of sauces and jams, prices a little higher but if you buy w/their  15% off coupons or when they have a sale they'd be great. I know having something people will take home and consume (or consume on the spot) is what I want. Whole Foods has some great chocolates as well as fabulous soaps and things. Again, not cookies, but a place to check out for ideas. You could also call The Restaurant School they might have someone either a student or someone working there that could help you out.
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