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Which store?

So we already registered at Target and I am debating on the larger department store.
I would love to do Nordstrom, but its not in my area and not many of my guest's areas.

So I have Macys or Boston Store/Carson P/Bon Ton/Herbergers/etc?

Any recommendations? And if you did the 5 million names stores how did you tell guests that?


Re: Which store?

  • Besides Target and Nordstrom, the only name I recognize in your post is Macys.
  • Ditto jenn, I only recognize Macy's so I guess it depends on whether those stores are in your guests' areas.  I've also seen a lot of negative reviews about Target's registry due to human and system error, but things may have changed in the last year or so.

    We only did BBB because there wasn't a ton we wanted at Sears/JCPenneys.  The only other department store near us that was national was Macys, and its location isn't convenient for our guests.
  • I don't think Nordstrom does wedding registries. If they do, it must be in-store only and because there's not one in your area, it wouldn't make sense to register there.

    I'd vote for Macy's over Bonton because I think they have nicer things and you can get cash back on a gift card for every purchase made off your registry there. It's also better known nationally. If you do decide on Bonton, though, I would call it "the Bonton group," as it does include many different chains. This way, if guests go online to shop, they can access your registry through the Bonton website or find out where any of the other stores with different names are.
  • Oops, I do know Bon Ton but I don't think they're national.  I forgot they had other stores as well.  If your registry can be accessed from their other stores that option might work.
  • We registered at BBB and Macy's. Really wanted Dillard's, but they don't have Dillards close to home in Ohio where ALL of our guests and family are.

    So, I would register at stores that are near where your guests live. Remember, you will probably get some money, too, so you can buy the rest of the stuff you want at the stores that are close to where you live after the wedding is over.
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  • I have to say that I registered at Boston Store and although the online gift registry was easy to set up, it is not very user friendly to edit online. Although they did just change how it is setup so it may be better now.
    As far as letting guests know, if they asked I just told them that I was registered at Boston Store. I guess that I don't get why that is a question??
    Also, have you considered registering at Bed, Bath and Beyond?
  • I would do BB&B or Macy's.
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