Need Vancouver(50 miles radius) venue for <$2000. Outdoor; Any ideas?

I'm having such a horrible time finding an outdoor, really pretty wedding venue in the Vancouver WA area. Everything is over $2000 which we cannot afford. Please help!!!!

Re: Need Vancouver(50 miles radius) venue for <$2000. Outdoor; Any ideas?

  • I know its crazy expensive!! But the most cost effective way to go would be to look into the parks that are in the area. We went with Camas meadows golf club for our venue which has both indoor and outdoor (its a lil spendy but so worth it). Look up alderbrook park and resort (I think thats what it's called) I know someone that was married there and they loved it. Its outdoor and looks really pretty from the pictures I saw of their wedding. It is also a good price. I believe it is in WA is close to vancouver.

  • We picked the Battle Ground Community center, the lewis river room. Now while its not outdoors there is also a stone padio area that comes with the rental so it could potentially be outside. $1500.
  • I know a few friends who have gotten married at the Firstenburg Center and I know it's priced under $2k- from the website you can't get a very good idea but the wedding pics I saw looked great
  • Lewisville Park near Battleground has picnic shelters you can reserve for an entire day (for about $25-$50) your guests may need to pay to enter the park though (I think it's about $2/car)...not sure if that's what you're looking for, but its another idea. :)
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