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Average Florist Prices?

My wedding is in less than two weeks (eeeek!) and I finally found someone to do my flowers. She is quoting me $750 to do 21 centerpieces and $160 for the bridal party flowers (3 bouquets, 4 bouts, and 2 corsages). All will be calalilys and willow branches, very simple. I'm assuming this is a fair price, but I have nothing to compare it to. If there are any already married brides out there that can share their experiences and possibly the price they paid, I would appreciate it very much.

Re: Average Florist Prices?

  • The price is more than fair!

    I used to work as a florist and the average price of bridal bouqets, depending on the type of flower and the labor invovled, was around $75 to $100.00.  Bridesmaids bouquest we usually $50.00 - $75.00.  Corsages are acutally the most time consuming because you have to tape each peice.  They were $15.00-$25.00 each, boutiniers were usually $7.00.  So, even if you add it up on the low end you are getting a smoking deal. 

  • That is a very good price (assuming the quality is good).  I just looked at my quotes (I received 3 different quotes and they were all around the same price) and centerpieces are $65 for each table, bride bouquet is $200 and bridesmaid bouquets are $60 each.  As you can tell, your prices are much much lower!
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  • who is your florist?  I'm still looking for one.  Any brides have good recommendations?
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