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Memorials for loved ones?

What are people doing for a memorial for loved ones  who have passed?  Both my FI and I have grandparents who have moved on to their next life and would like to something in memory of them at our wedding.  We have thought about a special bouquet of flowers or a candle.  Suggestions?  What have you done or plan to do?

Re: Memorials for loved ones?

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    My brother passed away and my mother and carrying a bouquet of flowers up at the beginng of the ceremony and placing them in a vase in front. My best friend also passed away and I am making her an honorary bridesmaid. 

    For grandparentswe are just doing a memorial bouquet I think.
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  • renaenae33renaenae33 member
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    The church where we are getting married has projectors and screens that are used weekly at church.  We are planning to have a slide show of pictures of my fiance and me in addition to loved ones that have passed.  We may also have a candle sitting on the piano.  Hope this helps.

  • sfrazer11sfrazer11 member
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    We are having a memorial bouquet on the altar and explaining it in our program.
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    My parents are both deceased, so is my FI's mom. I decided to use a picture of my parents about the time they got married...my dad is in his uniform and has hair! Since FI's dad will be there, I will use a picture of just his mom about the time they got married too. Then I do plan a vase of flowers too, and I will mention it in our programs.
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    My sisters have had a candle lit for those that have passed away, one candle total.  My grandma is in the nursing home and won't be coming, and we have several relatives that have passed on.  At first we were gonna do one candle in memory of all the people that are dead, and a separate candle in honor of my candle.  However, I came up with a different idea.  We are going to string a piece of jeut across the wall at the entrance of the barn (where our reception is).  Then we are going to use clothespins to hang up pictures and funeral programs of each person to the jeut string.  I think we are going to have two pictures for each person, and we'll write their name on a piece of paper that will be taped to the picture.
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    We didn't have a place for a memorial bouquet or anything, since there was no altar at our outdoor location.  But we put a nice note and list of names in the program.  I'm about 99% sure that there's an image of our program in my bio, if you want to look at our wording. 
  • flipab9flipab9 member
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    Im thinking about placing pictures of loved ones passed in a locket - very small- and carrying it with the chain wrapped around the stems of my boquet. 
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