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Hi all, I'll have my wedding at Olowalu Plantation House. Because I'm going to order a customized wedding dress, it's better and easier to decide which shoes I may eventually wear. I prefer to have heels because they look prettier (for my own taste), but I guess wedges will be more comfortable given the setting...

I did some research within this forum. I found some of you, especially who had your wedding in Olowalu or Surgarmen, still chose to have "heels" as your wedding shoes. I wonder whether any of you could kindly share your experiences. For instance, would you rather have wedges if you could possibly pick your shoes again?

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  • I'm not married yet, so don't have first hand experience. I'm getting 2 pairs of shoes- 1 wedges for ceremony and walking on grass, 1 high heels for dancing and showing off. I got heel protectors that I tested out in the grass and also asked my wedding planners about. They seem to work pretty well so will also let me wear the high heels on the grass. Here's a link to them:

  • Definitey use the Soul Mates - the wider the better.  At one point, plastic got a bit dislodged and my heel dug into the grass everywhere.  I had 4" heels and the Soul Mates worked wonders.  I switched to cushy platform wedges for easier dancing later in the night.
  • At Olowalu, I put solemates on my heels but I definitely was sinking into the grass a bit as I was walking in. Nobody noticed it but me though :-) and then also standing during the ceremony I felt myself sinking a bit.  I only wore my heels for the ceremony & then for some of the photos and then changed into wedge flip flops which were fine so maybe if you could find a wedge heel that you like that might be a good shoe option.
  • I had soul mates with my heels, I had the classic soul mates size.  It takes getting used to as I had to walk a certain way on grass.  I was pretty much putting a lot of my weight on the balls of my feet.  I may add that you should look into getting gel inserts for your heels.  Man oh man do they make a difference for me.
  • I used the classic Solemates, and unfortunately for me, they did pretty much nothing.  I was still putting most of my weight on the balls of my feet and even then, the solemates were sinking into the grass.  If you want to wear heels, by all means, go for it....I wouldn't have changed that at all, but I highly recommend a lot of practice on grass so you get used to walking without sinking in (even with the solemates!!)

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  • I wore wedges and even they sunk into the grass - though that was probably because it had rained earlier that day and the ground was still pretty soft.
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