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May 2013 Wedding Colors

Just wondering what colors everyone is planning to do for their spring wedding! Would love to hear ideas. So far I'm thinking apple green, navy and ivory/white scheme. Green dresses for the bridesmaids and the guys in navy suits. Lots of white/green flowers!

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  • sounds pretty! i was big on navy at first but now i'm kind of lost.. :) at the moment im kind of liking light pinks/tans..who knows what i'll end up with though!
  • The Navy and green with white and ivory sounds really pretty! There's so many pretty combinations out there that it is so hard to choose! However, we have had our colors in mind for a really long time. Even though we are having a spring wedding our colors are primarily white and black with accents in purple. 
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  • Black, red and white for us.
  • Eggplant is our main color. I cannot decide on the accent colors but I think light blue and or a lighter purple
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  • I'm going with just bright, bold colors like pink, orange, yellow, & turquoise. I love color :-) My BMs will be in black dresses and they'll have a colored accesory of some kind.
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  • Our colors are almost similar to yours hope5377! We're using green (don't know what shade yet), purple (more of an eggplant shade) and ivory :-) Green will be the main color with the purple and ivory as accents!
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  • Black, white and pink for us. It's going to be a formal evening affair. =)
  • Not to sure yet... hopefully this post will help out some... :o)
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  • We are doing purple as the main color (BM dresses), teal as a second color (guys' ties), and some bright green. Also using grey for most things rather than black or white. I'm working on convincing FH grey suits are a good idea. I think they would be perfect!
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    I'm not really sure yet either.  I know my girls will be wearing black dresses & the guys are wearing grey suits.  I love white for all of the tables, with lots of candles & white flowers I think.  Maybe blue in there somewhere.

  • Purple and blue w/ silver as an accent color... Not sure what shades of purple and blue yet... but purple will be the primary. It's been my fav color since I was little and I just love it and can't picture our wedding w/o it. My FI is totally on board too.
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  • We're doing charcoal gray, dusty rose, and ivory.  I like the more muted tones and I think it goes with spring.  Love some of the other ideas listed here!

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  • We are doing purple as our main color. teal, black and silver as accents and the guys are wearing dark great suits. i can't wait :)
  • Its still a little up in the air but considering black white fuschia...or fuschia, orange and greens...I do know that my BM's will more thank likely be wearing black with color accents.
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  • I figured out my colors today!! Yay!!! We have decided on navy blue and daisy yellow... I am thinking it's time to start the inspiration boards.
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  • We've been back and fourth. We were originally going to do the green/purple/black/white kind of thing, but have changed it to a peacock feather inspiration.... BM's will be in turqoise, with bright green bouquets. Guys will be wearing that same bright green tie, and my linens will be white with a silver overlay (as of now...). 
  • Our colors are ones that you would see in a wildflower bouquet or in nature. So like light purple, light pink, light blue, light green, light brown, white.
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  • it took me a while to choose a colour, i knew i wanted purple like an eggplant colour but didnt know what other colour i would choose, i just picked the final colours today, we decieded to have purple and yellow accents. so many decisons lol.
  • We are thinking blue (somewhere between navy and royal), goldish-yellow, purple, and gray.

    Blue for the bridesmaids dresses, grey for the men's suits in the bridal party, and yellow/purple/blue accents.

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    We are thinking pale green and pale of right now!  :) I'm loving it so I hope we don't change our minds.

  • I have changed my mind so many times-all because of the bridesmaids dresses! My favorite was to do blush pink, powder blue,and white, with the bridesmaids in pink and the groomsmen in blue. I can see how everything would look with white coloums and arches and pink and blue drapes, flower petals all over......but I can't seem to make my bridesmaids happy with the pink dresses (It does matter to me that they like what theyre wearing).
    so right now our colors are powder blue and white.
    I'm still happy with this choice.
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  • Mine are turquoise and black. I am super excited to pick everything out!
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  • We are doing pistachio (light green) and burnt orange! My dress will be white with a pistachio sash. BM's dresses will be pistachio with a burnt orange sash. Haven't quite decided what we will be doing with the guys' tuxes.
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