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My wedding is in exactly 23 days!!! My dress is sitting in my mothers closet already sized fitted and ready to be worn.  My issue is that I want twaiio lift my butt tone my arms and lose  some belly flab but I'm scared it will make the dress look big on me.  The honeymoon is in Hawaii so i want to look good for it too!  PLEASE HELP!!!!


  • If your dress is exactly how you want it and you do anything to change the shape of your body, it could fit wrong.  So your options are to not do anything or exercise and get your dress altered if need be.

    With only 23 days to go, it's unlikely you'd make much of a change.  Most girls start working out and eating right months in advance.
  • I was afraid of that answer!!! LOL!  Its wayyy too close to get it fitted again. I think i'll have to just stay the way I am! LOL Just wanted to define my curves more........UNDER GARMENTS will be my savior for this! LOL! Thanks for the reply! :)  I lost 15 pounds to get into the dress and wanted to push for bit more toning
  • Three weeks won't make much difference, honestly. Even undergarments, if you didn't wear them in your fitting, are going to change how your dress fits. That's why you should wear the shoes AND undergarments that you plan to wear on your wedding day to your fitting. Even a different bra makes a lot of difference.
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  • I dont understand why there is so much YELLING IN THIS THREAD :)
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  • Lol!!! I was reading it and just the thought the same thing! My caps was on. Sorry.
  • Thank you for all the feedback I really appreciate it!
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