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Scare Tactics

Does anyone watch this, besides me? There's a marathon on now and I'm dying laughing.

(I am a PW today :P).

If you don't watch, here are some pics of Fall sweater dog  to make opening the thread worth your time.

Re: Scare Tactics

  • PUPPY!!!!!!! So cute!!! I already have Howie in his Halloween bandanas!! YAY for accessorizing our pups!

  • Yay Howie!  Bax is going to be Underdog this year.  Is Howie dressing up?
  • DOG SWEATER!!!!!!!  Scott has a very very very small list of things he hates, but one is dogs in clothes.  It ruins my fun.
  • So very cute and adorable :) Awwwww!!!

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  • I'm glad I included sweater dog, since no one else watched this show :P.

    Nathan hated dogs in clothes, too, Kim, but Baxter shivers so badly in the cold weather.  So N broke down and allows sweaters and coats in cold weather and Halloween costumes, but not at any other time of the year. 
  • In Response to <a href=" BoardsForum:17Discussion:1fd85e1d-4aab-4dd7-abfd-b92ac29d1211Post:92b15651-34c2-4d77-a5f6-3b0c64d19525">Re: Scare Tactics</a>:
    [QUOTE]Yay Howie!  Bax is going to be Underdog this year.  Is Howie dressing up?
    Posted by NatesGirl16[/QUOTE]

    Of course Howie will be dressing up! We can't decide what he will be yet. Old Navy has some doggy costumes so I want to go check them out but I kind of think this bumble bee costume is hilarious so Howie might get stuck in this...

    <a href="" title="Click to view a larger photo" onclick="return gSiteLife.LoadForumPage('ForumImage', 'plckPhotoId', '15902e05-d8a3-4582-8e7b-b8a06f01ffd1', 'plckRedirectUrl', gSiteLife.EscapeValue(window.location.href));" class="PhotoLink"><img src="" alt="" /></a>
  • This will be our first winter with Cindy but I bet there will be shivering.  Our entire downstairs is tile so it's usually freezing.  As long as I don't get her a dog snuggie I think he will get over it.  ;)
  • That costume is adorable, Jenna!  Old Navy does have some cute costumes and dog clothes in general.  Last year we got Bax's costume at Walmart of all places.  He had a saddle on his back, with a little guy on top of hit, and a cowboy hat on his head.  He hated that costume. 

    I actually bought my friend's dog a snuggie for Christmas.  She wanted it so bad.  It looks ridiculous, but somehow cute.  But N also drew the line at the snuggie.
  • I kinda really want Cindy to be a banana split:

    because it is SO ridiculous.  But she is some sort of whippet or greyhound mix so who knows if it would fit her chest.
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    hahahaha that costume sounds fantastic!! Do you have any pics?!?!

    Kim, you absolutely cannot lose with a dog snuggie lol if Howie liked being under the covers I'd buy him one but he's already pretty warm because he's so fuzzy!

    ETA: Crap! I thought you said you were going to buy him a dog snuggie! Sorry I FAIL.
  • ha, nope, no dog snuggies allowed.  If we ever move out of Arizona she will be getting doggie shoes to keep her feet warm on walks though.  :P
  • Uploading pics now.

    Yeah, AZ is not so conducive to doggie coats, etc. 
  • I bought my Maggie a Snuggie last year because she always liked blankets (and she was old). Plus, I thought it was funny, to be honest. She hated it with every fiber of her being, going so far as to lie on the floor when it was in her dog bed one night. It did not go in her box of "things."

    Max, however, thought nothing of it. Or his coat with the handle on the back when he was a puppy, or the too-big coat when that one didn't fit, which now sits about 4 inches away from his tail (it overhung his tail last winter).
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  • Not sure how good of a pic it is--it came off of my phone.

    And here's another sweater one, for good measure. 

  • Hated it.  Like Missy said about her dog, if he dislikes something, he'll just lay on the floor as if it's killing him.  He kept knocking that hat off, but he didn't mind the saddle that much.
  • I put basketball shorts on Cindy once and she HATED IT.  The next time I wore basketball shorts she started shaking and crying until I pet her to calm her down.
  • I've seen scare tactics. If anyone ever did that to me, I would cry. And sue. And quite possibly have a heart attack, especially if clowns were involved.

    I'm right there with you Missy. They don't make clothes big enough to fit my dogs.
  • Poor Cindy :(.

    I wasn't one for clothes on dogs till I got Bax.  Once I saw how cold he gets (and how cute clothes are), I started dressing him up.

    These are my fav Scare Tactics.
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    [QUOTE]Poor Cindy :(. I wasn't one for clothes on dogs till I got Bax.  Once I saw how cold he gets (and how cute clothes are), I started dressing him up. These are my fav Scare Tactics. <a href="" rel="nofollow"></a> <a href="" rel="nofollow"></a>
    Posted by NatesGirl16[/QUOTE]

    I am such a debbie downer, because I think I'd have ptsd after something like that. They got sued once before.
  • I'm not surprised that they've been sued.  I think a lot of it is staged, because I've seen people I recognize on it (not from RL, but just from tv).

    The guy cracks me up because he reminds me so much of my friend.
  • The Satan baby one is awful! Like Rosemary's baby but with a satanic little person. *shudder*
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