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Found my dress! Some reviews of stores too.

I went dress shopping this past weekend and wanted to share my reviews for the Calgary ladies. I found my dress too :)

Store 1: The Bridal Centre. I booked the Princess Room and had fantastic service. I think I must have tried on numerous dresses, several of them twice. Found one that I liked and went back later in the day and asked to try it again. They had no problem with it. My BM's tried on some dresses as well and that was fun.

Store 2: Ethos. Not so impressed. I did find one I liked though. The lady that helped me wouldn't let me try anything on that wasn't in my size. Very frustrating since I probably won't buy off-the-rack. There were a number of beautiful gowns that she wouldn't let me try since they were too big.

Store 3: Beautiful Bride. Love love love the store. They were super helpful. They explained the set up of the store, gave me some clothes pins (as well as some to my BM's and mom) and said to pick what I want to try and they'll bring them when I'm ready. It was awesome. the entire area near the dressing rooms is all mirrors
I found the dress I think will be mine here. I do have to go and try the two I really liked again just to make sure.

Re: Found my dress! Some reviews of stores too.

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    I agree with the bridal centre.  I got my dress there and the service was great.
    I also was at Cameo and Cuff links and there service is great as well.  they just didnt have exactly what I was looking for.  But they are very helpful.
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    I had a similar experience at Ethos. I made an appt and brought 2 friends with me (my wedding party and mum live back east).  I had some pics of styles of dresses I liked. She ignored me and my requests!  I want a short dress (well I have!) for my casual outdoor wedding (at a campground!) and she kept putting me in the HUGE corset style dresses.  I almost started to cry! 
    She "let" me try on a few short styles (she did not help what so ever getting into these) and then said so did you get that out of your system? Now lets get down to business. WOW!  I was so turned off I stopped shopping after that and went to have cocktails with my girls!
    I would NOT reccomend Ethos!
    Although before that I went to Frocks and they were uber helpful, nice good selection of shorter styles (and not bad prices either!)
    I want my girls to get their dresses there if possible so I can give them some business.
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