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So I've tried on a few dresses at Alfred Angelo and Davids.. I found one that I liked at AA, but it was more then I wanted to spend on a dress so I decided to think about it. After that, I saw another dress that I love but I would not be able to try it on because the shop only has it in a sample size. Well, I started looking around online and found that first dress at a good price but I am nervous about buying a dress online. The bride selling it has many pics of it, including one showing a tiny rip (which is on the underside and easily fixed). It is one size too small, but I have 9 months to make sure it will fit. lol. I guess I'm just wondering if any of you have bought your dress online and if you would recommend doing that or if you had problems doing it that way?

Re: Buying a dress online

  • Ask her if you can try it on before you commit.

    I bought my gown from a craigslist seller and she had no problem with me trying the gown on before paying for it. My gown is also one size smaller, but considering that the size I tried on in the store was almost too big, I was confident in the smaller size. Also, if the dress is a corset back, it'll be more forgiving in size.

    Bottom line, talk to the seller, see if she'll let you try it on first, maybe if it's a shipping thing, see if she'll take a deposit or if she'll offer you a refund if it doesn't work. My experience with the bridal community is that they just want to be as helpful as possible.

  • It's dangerous.  One size doesn't seem like a lot, but it depends on how committed you are to losing weight and, you don't know for sure where you will lose the weight from.  I know people that have lost 30-40 pounds and haven't gone down a dress size, because they lose weight in their butt/hips first, so their torso is still the same size.  
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