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Help with an idea please

Ok so this is my first official post. I've kinda been lurking around, but I need some help nurturing a theme idea before I present it to my boyfriend (he wants to start planning a wedding but won't propose until the time is right and enough money is saved kinda frustrating). First off I want it low-key because this is my second wedding and I have two small children. I will be shouldering the bride's family's portion of the budget so yeah... low budget.
Anyway he has requested at least one color be light blue (for UNC and almost everyone in his family has had light blue as a color) and I wanna be unique. I root for LSU so I am thinking a UNC vs LSU theme. Incorporate both of the teams' colors (lt blue & white, and purple & gold) but maybe major colors being blue and gold (or does anyone think the blue & purple would look good?) For the reception I am thinking just a fun thing all the guests can enjoy and even some of us can start a football game! For the cakes we would do two very small cakes (one for each team) and cupcakes for all the guests 1/2 UNC & 1/2 LSU. Anyway I need ideas to keep this a fun but classy affair. There will be no alcohol, and I'm stuck on a menu to make everyone happy (I'm from Louisiana but live in Georgia and he lives in North Carolina)!
Sorry this kinda got long, but any help would be appreciated!Wink

Re: Help with an idea please

  • I personally think the blue and gold would look better for the main colors. I like the cake/cupcake idea..  you said about m/b starting a football game at the reception? Are you planning to have your reception outside?
  • Yes that is the only thing we have decided for certain is we want an outdoor reception because it would be more fun for my kids and their friends who come with them.
  • I love the ideas you have :) We're doing a slideshow & putting some of our favorite games/moments of the game into the slideshow. Also what about a cake... like a tag...house divided kinda thing :) Football Game idea...so cool! The ideas for your wedding sounds like a wedding people will never forget :) I'm in the process of "KINDA" planning a sports themed wedding (but not really) if I come up with anymore ideas ill let you know!
  • If you are dong an outdoor reception - why don't you do a tailgate theme for the menu. The do some really high class food at tailgates. I've gone tailgating and not drank so you don't have to worry about the alcohol thing. You can get some cornhole boards and have one UNC & one LSU for those of you that won't to play football. You can do the ceremony elegant and classy and then do the reception a little relax.
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