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places to buy a "budget" wedding dress?

I'm hoping to get a dress for $800 or less, but I'm having a difficult time discerning this from the websites of various stores in town.  I really don't want to schedule an appointment for a shop and find out when I get there that the gowns are around $3500.  Does anyone have any recommendations for lower-priced gowns?
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Re: places to buy a "budget" wedding dress?

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    Davids has some a little cheaper... I got mine, that I absolutely love for 550 on sale!

    Always ask to view the sale racks first, turns our some of the prettiest one can be on there.

    When/if you schedule an appointment some where, when you make your appointment, make sure they know your budget, and hopefully they can already have some put aside for you to look at.

    And don't put up with pushy sales ladies. I went to one shop in Ogden, and told them my budget, and they didn't show me a single dress in my budget... I had to go look on my own for something I could afford, I felt so lost wondering in the store with no idea where to look for my size or style!
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    If you want to buy one I would definitly say Davids Bridal. I am renting my dress. For the dress, veil, headpiece, and petiskirt it was 350. I get it for a week the week of my wedding. and 2 days for my Bridals. It is a great deal! and I don't have to store it somewhere In my house collecting dust. The place is called... Gowns by Pamela. (this place you can buy the dress from as well)
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    Two of my best friends got their dresses at Fantasy Bridal in Taylorsville.  They were around $600-$900 and gorgeous!  They had a great experience with alterations and staff as well.  Happy Shopping!

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    I ended up buying my dress at Fantasy Bridal, as well, for $600.  I was very happy with that place!
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    I bought my dress at The Perfect dress, and it was the best service I have had at a bridal shop. My dress is designer and was  SO inexpensive. They can work with any budget. 
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    See, that's funny, because I didn't have that good of an experience at The Perfect Dress.  My biggest problem is that all the dresses seemed to be a size 8, so I couldn't get any of them zipped up.  It's really hard to see how a dress will look when it's bunched up around your hips, your back is hanging out, and you're having to hold it up over your chest.  The place was packed with friends and family of the other brides, and I was mortified to go out to the mirrors in a dress that was barely covering me.  I also had a specific style of dress that I wanted, but all the dresses of that style were spread out among four other dressing rooms, so I was constantly waiting for them to finish so that I could try something else on.

    However, if you're a size 8 or smaller, I think you might have more success there than I did.
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  • aklr915aklr915 member
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    I don't know what style of dress you're looking for, but I got mine off of Ebay! It was originally $140 (I ended up getting it for free but that's a whole other story!) because it was a discontinued style... Mine is jcrew but it really just depends on what you're looking for.. I didn't want the big poofy "utah" dress so it worked for me... Good luck!!

  • sirsquaredsirsquared member
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    I went with David's, for $300
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    Find your dress at the DASH FOR THE DRESS on Saturday, July 16th @ Heritage Gardens in Sandy.  Hundreds of designer gowns but NOT designer prices!  ONE DAY ONLY!  This is the sale for the bride on a budget!

    You don't want to miss this! For one day only, during this amazing event, you'll be able to buy wedding goods at great discounted prices. Find everything for your wedding from new & used dresses to decorations - all in one location! Imagine finding a Maggie Sottero, Vera Wang, Melissa Sweet or Anne Barge gown at a fraction of the original cost!

    You could have a couture gown but not pay the couture price!

    Our sale features new gowns, sample gowns, "once worn" gowns, slips, mother of the bride dresses, flower girl dresses, shoes & accessories such as veils, crystal tiaras, headbands, jewelry, gloves and more!

    Don't pay retail prices on anything until you've seen these great deals! We accept only the highest quality items and sell them to you at unbelievable prices.

    Be sure you come prepared to BUY!  Make sure to bring shoes comparable to your desired heel height for trying on your gown.  Several upscale dressing rooms will be available but if they are occupied, dress accordingly to use the "communal" dressing area.There will be several private dressing rooms available, but in case they are in use be sure and wear a bathing suit or sports bra and shorts or yoga-type pants.

    Receive 10% off just by bringing in a prom dress to donate to our partner charity, Becca's Closet! You'll also receive free Zumba classes!

    Email [email protected] for more information.

  • ginadogginadog member
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    I love the JCrew bridal gowns, many are under $800.  If had money to burn I'd get the Organza Dune Silk Chiffon one.

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    Just bought mine at Fantasy Bridal in Taylorsville. To be honest, I went because my sister made me an appointment (I already had a vintage dress I that I thought I would wear.) They had TONS of price options and alterations are pretty reasonable.   Additionally, they have a bride referral program where you can "earn" back the price of your dress  by referring 8 brides to buy their dresses there (or like $50 if you send one) .Those brides then get $50 off whatever they buy.  (Haha.  If you want me to be your referral, I don't mind you using my name!) 
    Mainly, if you are concerned about it being busy/feeling naked etc. give them (or any bridal shop) a call and tell them your concern. Ask when is the least busy time for you to come in and express your concerns about the size of the gowns on the floor. They WANT you to buy a dress so it is to their benefit to make you feel comfortable. Good luck! I hope you find something perfect!
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